New High-Speed File Transfer Solution for International Businesses

This solution was developed by the in-house R&D team at QUANTIL to help international businesses address the challenges of sharing large files or data between global teams with high speed and low packet loss.

High-Speed Data Transmission

QUANTIL, a global content delivery network (CDN) based in Santa Clara, California, today announced the launch of High-Speed Data Transmission, a new solution for long-distance file transfer between global locations. This solution is part of the QUANTIL Enterprise Acceleration services, which already includes Enterprise Application Acceleration and Enterprise Cloud Storage. These solutions help enterprises to address the challenges of file-based or application-based content delivery between global teams.

File Sharing Challenges and Technologies

File sharing is necessary for international businesses to create collaborative environments, and ensure that everyone has access to up-to-date mission critical information, whether they are in remote or branch offices. Businesses have traditionally used FTP-over-TCP to transfer small files over short distances. In recent years, the increase in size and number of files has created file delivery challenges, especially between international locations. A high-speed Internet connection can help to increase file transfer speeds. However, advanced file sharing technology is required to handle large files, namely those with time-sensitive information that needs to be received as quickly as possible.

The main challenge our customers face is transferring business-critical information between their teams quickly and securely. Our team developed this solution to ensure the highest possible transfer speed, success rate, and reliability. We have already seen success with customers in different industries, such as scientific research, semiconductor manufacturing, engineering, cloud computing, and media entertainment.

Kenneth Chiu

Product Manager for High-Speed Data Transmission

According to a recent report by Credence Research, the global managed file transfer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% from 2016 to 2023. With this growth, it is expected cloud-based file transfer solutions will gain traction, and data performance and security will continue to be key concerns for many businesses.

Development of High-Speed Data Transmission

QUANTIL initially developed the High-Speed Data Transmission solution for a bio tech company, which provides genome informatics and data management services. They needed to share large files (10-100 GB) regularly and securely between their international teams located in China and the United States. Since they were unable to find a solution on the market, our product development team built this as a customized solution to solve their file transfer challenges. This was an internal research and development project involving 16 international team members from engineering, product development, and product management. It entered the beta stage in April 2015 and it is currently used by several customers, including SMIC, MES, NetServe365, and Legendary Entertainment for short-term and long-term projects. They also partnered with SeqID to deliver this solution.

High-Speed Data Transmission was developed using proprietary technology based on User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which increases file transfer speeds and reduces packet loss. Transfer speeds are also optimized using the QUANTIL global network of 700 points of presence (PoPs). The use of UDP-based technology maximizes bandwidth utilization, overcoming the bandwidth limitations that can be found with other protocols, such as FTP and HTTP. Additionally, smart routing technology is used to monitor network conditions and select the fastest transfer route with the highest success rate. This enables businesses to deliver large files to multiple global locations simultaneously up to 100 times faster than other methods.

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