New Groundbreaking Identification Start-Up iVerified Believes It Can Eliminate Hundreds of Millions of Fake Facebook Accounts Worldwide

The iVerified platform uses A.I. and blockchain technology to establish a user's identity while protecting their anonymity


A tech start-up says they have the technology to address the hundreds of millions of fake Facebook accounts as well as other issues that challenge identity authenticity. Identity verification start-up iVerified will launch next month, providing a free and safe reusable identity and age verification app that offers online security and privacy for 4.2 billion online users.

In May 2018, The Washington Post reported that “Facebook removed 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of the year, roughly 100 million fewer than were removed in the last quarter of 2017.” Facebook noted in the article that the decline was to the "variability of our detection technology's ability to find and flag fakes.”

iVerified CEO Aaron Campbell believes they have the solution to this ongoing challenge. He’s noted that the iVerified app will solve the problem and improve the overall quality of the Facebook experience. He says, “Everyone who has an iVerified app will be able to prove their identity conclusively and this will eliminate fake accounts across all social networking platforms.”  

Blockchain technology underpins the iVerified platform protecting each user’s data. The verification platform recognizes more than 900 different identity documents and works offline without needing an internet connection. It also provides fast verification with confirmation in 20 seconds or less.

“Finally, a company is providing offline and device-based verification! Sending my ID to unknown companies, with unknown security measures has always been worrying. Highly recommend the app,” writes Charlie N., an iVerified user.

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iVerified is the ultimate free, simple, safe and reusable identity and age verification app, providing infallible online security and privacy for 4.2 billion online users. For more information, visit

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The ultimate free, simple, safe & reusable identity & age verification app, providing infallible online security & privacy for 4.2 billion online users.

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