New Game to Boost Kids' Creativity With Avatar Creation and 3D Print

Little You aims to give children confidence in using their imagination, creating unique characters ready to print in 3D, delivered at your door.

Custom Anime Figurine | Little You

Little You, the not-so-typical game, aims to encourage kids to get creative by using their imagination to make unique custom anime figurines that can be printed in 3D and delivered at your door. The brand-new application launches on Feb. 18, and it is available to play.

As a unique option for kids to boost their eagerness to explore and create something exclusive, the application offers a total customizable experience, with the development and design of their own avatar, from modeling and coloring to physically accessorize the characters.

"The most fun part about Little You is the customization, which not only allows you to physically customize characters but also go in complete depth, and by that, we mean you can change it piece by piece. Ranging from the modeling features like headwear, glasses, costumes, bags, accessories to even the character expression, you have complete hold of everything," states Christina Guo, Founder of Little You.

The game is linked to a reward system, which means it completely revolves around points, which are earned through one means or another. Also, the reward system allows children to get their creation 3D printed out completely free of cost.

"There are various advantages of our reward system. The children get the confidence to make new characters and showcase their creativity, while people get to watch them and further like them," affirms Christina Guo.

With the idea in mind, the founder and idealizer of Little You, Christina Guo, knows how important it is to nurture and encourage children's creativity through introducing programming, 3D and design at an early age. Little You was developed with this concept in mind. With the help of talented developers, the project came up even better than expected.  

"With the help of some amazing developers, we managed to create something totally creative and lifelong, experiencing the magic of 3D printing," confirms Christina Guo.

Little You is available only on web browsers. The game is free to play and only charges for the 3D print toy. The 3D toys are currently shipped to Belgium, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the U.S. Virgin Islands, soon to be expanded to global shipment.

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Christina Guo, CEO

More about Little You

Idealized and developed by Christina Guo, the idea came up while she was studying at OCAD University. As an artist and a believer of the importance of creativity and seeing the world through the eyes of a child, the founder of Little You strives to provide countless opportunities for children to acquire social skills while bringing families even closer together.

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