New Football Social Network Goes Live

New Football Social Network, Social442, launches with a new football formation creator tool for tactical fans.

​​​​​​The latest feature in the football social community for football fans is a fan tool that allows for football formations to be created with ease. This has been introduced to the market by, a new football social network that has been very successful so far. The football social network continues to develop new features and keep on top of football fan requirements. The formation creator was a key initial feature which helped grow the networks. Staying true to their routes, they have continued to build and develop this feature, which is has been inspired by popular demand. has just launched a fan feature that allows football fans to get more involved in key tactical decisions. This will excite many passionate fans who want to share their views on player selection. This new football formation creator feature is a key part of the social network. Fans are encouraged to think and evaluate previous starting line-ups and formations. Using the tool, fans are challenged to suggest their own starting line-ups and formations ahead of key games. Fans are also encouraged to think about how they would approach upcoming games.

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Alam Hosseinbor, Founder

The tool is football feature rich. Fans can talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the formations they create. The football formations can be inserted directly into football forums. It maybe the player selection they both managers and fans have available are not strong enough. If so, they can comment on this thought and suggest new transfer targets, which show directly within the formation they create. It is a great tool and forum for football managers and local football coaches too who want to visually show the line-ups of their teams, in the correct formation, and with the tactical notes.

Try it, create your football formation:

Furthermore, Social442 provides an interactive football forum to help increase conversation. Football fans regularly talk about the players they have available and lack of quality in certain positions.  Furthermore, the football formation chosen is a very tactical element of the game. It is vital. It can win games. It can lose games. Football fans therefore often debate which line-ups and formations work best. Once football fans create formations on, other fans can share and rate them. The football formation creator is very easy to use and feeds football fan passion.

There are many ways to get involved. Think about your favorite football team. If you were the manager what would you do? Are you happy with the line-ups or do you think a change is needed? Are the technically gifted and rising talent getting a chance to shine? There are many decisions to make. There are many prompts. You can suggest new transfer targets and share this with club fan to get their thoughts. The debate is likely to last hours if not days. Every fan has a different, as does every manager.

If that was not enough, the forum provided dedicated chat for formation thinkers. Otherwise, you can enjoy more football news update than football focused sites like Sky Sports.

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