New Football Helmets Website Launched

Latelle Smith is a mom that is a football fan and is also concerned about safety. In order to ensure that the game is played safely she has launched a new website for football helmets. For more information visit

Brooklyn, NY

Football is a very enjoyable game that is enjoyed by millions of people. In order to ensure that the game is played safely a football helmet must be worn by players at all times. Latelle Smith has launched a new website for football helmets for the professional and college levels. She has always been a football fan but since her children started playing she has also been concerned about safety and decided to do something about it.

Allot of research has been done to design comfortable and safe helmets that can protect players while playing. Football Helmets Plus has brings you the latest helmets designed to protect the player. They have also made sure that they helmets are comfortable to wear.

"It is a site that combines safety with fun something all parents can relate too" says Latelle Smith

Included in the website are helmets for all the NFL and NCAA teams. You can find everything from revolution speed helmets to the authentic helmets and even throwbar helmets.
Wait there is more! They have not forgotten the football fan that loves the mini helmets and have included that too for all the teams. She has made it easy for the football fan to get all the helmets they want with just one click

This new website was designed for all football fans out there in mind. To visit the website go to or contact them at

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