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You’ll never think of pies the same way again after you lay eyes on these geeky masterpieces from new food  blogger Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin.

A filmmaker with a penchant for the nerdy side of life, Jessica began her journey to “reclaim pies for geeks” last Spring when she was overtaken with a sudden desire to learn to bake for the first time.

“I love learning new things and creating art that embraces my sci-fi/fantasy/pop culture passions. I decided it was high time I learned how my oven worked, so I started researching fun geeky ways of baking. I found loads of examples of spectacularly nerdy cakes, cookies, brownies, even waffles... but no geeky pies. I immediately thought ‘I need to do something to fix this’. Why should cakes have all the fun?”

Over the past year, Jessica has created dozens of epic edible works of pie art, from BB-8 apple pies to James Bond chocolate swirls, and even a terrifyingly delicious strawberry Predator pie. Now Jessica is on a mission to encourage as many people as possible to become their own “Pie-oneers” with the launch of her new blog

“I want to spread the word that pies are awesome, and inspire all the pie-bakers out there to “geek it up” by sharing all of my tips, tricks, shameful failures, and surprising discoveries!”

Jessica posts a new geeky pie tutorial every Wednesday, and a Pies Are Awesome Newsletter for subscribers every quarter. Follow her on Instagram @thePieous.

Instagram: @thePieous
Twitter: @thePieous
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