New FlashStart Data Reveals Increase in Malicious threats in Russia

FlashStart's data regarding DNS geo-blocking filters have been made public: China is still the most dangerous country, but Russia is steadily increasing.

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FlashStart, a cyber security platform leader, has released updated data on the countries of the world that have the highest number of dangerous sites. According to the findings of the unique DNS geo-blocking filter, which is included in the FlashStart DNS filtering solution, China still ranks first, in terms of the number of blocked sites, in 2022, followed by Russia, Ukraine, and Iran. 

Following the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, however, the percentage difference between Chinese and Russian malicious sites has narrowed significantly. Specifically, in June, July, and August 2022, the number of blocked Russian sites exceeded that of Chinese sites, while the number of malicious sites in Ukraine decreased during the same period.

"The findings of our geo-blocking filter," says Francesco Collini, CEO of FlashStart, "provide us with further confirmation of just how a conflict is fought on a variety of fronts today. In the vast majority of cases, the propagation of a malware occurs through addressing malicious sites, and the malware itself represents an extra weapon in a war strategy, capable of causing significant economic and social damage to businesses and entire countries."

More than 90% of cyber attacks happen through the spread of an email or chat message containing a malicious link.  The opening of the link by a distracted employee triggers the attack toward the corporate infrastructure via malware and Trojans with more than just economic consequences. 

In recent months, FlashStart has seen an increase in attacks aimed at more than just demanding ransomware. Increasingly, the goal is to disrupt production activities or to cause damage to mission-critical infrastructures, creating a blockage to services and inconvenience to the population.

The unique geo-blocking filter contained in the FlashStart cyber security platform utilizes special AI and machine learning algorithms to greatly reduce latency.

The artificial intelligence engine is more accurate in detecting so-called false negatives, those sites that, while residing in areas considered to be dangerous, are not harmful. This ensures interaction between corporate employees and possible foreign suppliers.

Finally, the use of DNS geo-blocking allows the FlashStart cyber security platform to detect a higher percentage of malicious sites than traditional filters, which, working solely on site content, can be easily circumvented.

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FlashStart is a brand of FlashStart Group, an ICT privately owned company, established in 2001, in Europe. The FlashStart DNS filter is a security cloud platform able to filter more than 20 billion website queries each day within its installed base of more than 10,000 companies, schools, and PA. The FlashStart DNS Filter is also integrated into several carriers, security, and network-managed services for provider solutions all over the world.

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FlashStart is a global, cloud-based cyber security platform that specializes in DNS filtering with the support of artificial intelligence. It protects against malware and unwanted contents by classifying domains into eighty-five categories.

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