New Features for Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part Released


VirtoSoftware has released some new useful features of SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part​.

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board web part is an easy, agile and convenient tool for smart task management. It represents SharePoint lists as color-coded and well-structured Kanban boards, where users can drag and drop and sort tasks between columns and swimlanes of a project.

Some new useful features of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part​ include:

1. Upgraded conditions

​Now users are allowed to create a complex multi-conditional view with and/or operators included.​

2. “Field is modified” notification trigger

New “is modified”​ condition type was added for Kanban notifications. Users will be able to track any changes of selected fields.

3. Notifications by role

Add notification receivers by role (select not only e-mails, but user fields from the list as well).

4. Notifications about comments 

The comments notification system was 3 enhanced with 3 notification types: new comments to task for assignee, task creator, and a user who left a comment.

5. Suggested cards style rules

There are some new style rules, for example, the ability to use “transparent” color to create several distinct style rules with independent border / body / font colors.

6. 3 fields for task title

​Users are allowed to use several fields displayed as Task title.​

7. Enhanced WIP limit

The Work-In-Progress limits were modified.

Check a full list of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part​'s features and try it for free here.​

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"These new features of Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part​ will allow users to enhance and streamline SharePoint Task Management System. Our team hopes that users will enjoy this new functionality," said Dmitry Leytner, CEO of VirtoSoftware.

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