New Faces on Board at DFW Tree Care Company TreeNewal

DFW-based tree service company, TreeNewal, welcomes three new team members to their flourishing crew.

TreeNewal announces Mady Chen has joined as Customer Relations Assistant, Amber McKeehan as Customer Relations Supervisor, and Jason Whatley as TreeNewal's latest ISA Certified Arborist. 

What made them the right fit?  

According to TreeNewal President and Founder David Gaona: "[Whatley] makes every day a great day and his knowledge and experience in the business. [McKeehan] has a very team spirit attitude about her. Her ability to understand, work through challenges, flexibility, and help wherever needed." And as for Chen? "She has an Incredible positive attitude and wants to win." 

While Chen and McKeehan are new to the tree care industry, Whatley's history with professional arboriculture runs deep. "My background started out in landscape management & design," he said. "Then seven years ago, I was approached by an owner of a tree care company to join his team [before joining TreeNewal]. I can honestly say that working in the tree care industry is my passion." 

Having all started at the company within weeks of each other, Chen shared that "we seem to help each other and feel more comfortable knowing we started together and are continuing to grow within TreeNewal together." 

One thing's for sure at TreeNewal - customer service is always #1. Speaking of what she loves most about her new role, McKeehan said, "I have the unique opportunity to interact with customers at every stage of the process from scheduling arborist appointments to touching base with the customers after we are finished with their work. I love the positive feedback that I hear every day from customers." 

As for the future he sees for these three at TreeNewal, Gaona said, "There's an array of opportunity because of how young TreeNewal is. The commitment we've made in being one of the leaders in the industry here in DFW provides a tremendous amount of growth opportunity for each of them." 

For support with the health of your trees, call (817) 769-7197 or visit to connect with the ISA-Certified tree care team.   

About TreeNewal: TreeNewal provides expert, sustainable tree care services for residential and commercial property owners in North Texas. As a family-owned business, TreeNewal offers its customers the confidence and safety that comes from working with fully insured professionals. With offices in Southlake and Argyle, our ISA-Certified Arborists will work to understand your specific needs to create a maintenance plan rooted in sustainability, transparency, and integrity that mitigates unplanned expenses, safety hazards, and city compliance issues. Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives. 

Source: TreeNewal Certified Arborist