New Everlaw Feature Lets Lawyers Move Seamlessly From Review to Trial

The new Chronology tool is the company's biggest feature release of the year

​Legal technology company Everlaw today released functionality cementing its lead as a litigation platform that doesn’t end at document review. The addition of StoryBuilder© Chronology delivers on the company’s mission to enable all aspects of ediscovery on one platform, from review all the way through trial prep.

The new feature significantly expands Everlaw’s post-review toolset, helping lawyers move seamlessly from reviewing documents to building their case. StoryBuilder© Outlines already let users map out case arguments. Now, the new StoryBuilder© Chronology will let them curate key documents to construct those arguments. By organizing the most important documents identified in review, legal teams can spot patterns, identify gaps, and develop the most compelling narratives for their case. By doing it during review, they can save valuable time.

"This is a further testament to our belief that your litigation workflow belongs on one tightly-integrated platform. We're excited to support lawyers along the entire path from discovery to the courtroom."

AJ Shankar, CEO, Everlaw

Benefits of using the tool include:

  1. Keep team members up to speed. By providing a high-level case overview, the Chronology helps case leads quickly gauge progress and opportunities. That means a more engaged and aligned team.
  2. Provide context for reviewers. Seeing a comprehensive chronology helps reviewers identify where new documents fit with respect to a case’s events, issues, and people. That makes review more efficient and accurate.
  3. Stay current. Users always see the latest chronology in real-time, without accidental overwrites or debates over the most recent version. That makes for more accurate and time-efficient case-building.
  4. Eliminate the problems of switching tools. By creating a chronology in the same tool as review, teams save time and reduce risk. No need to migrate documents into a spreadsheet or external tool, and no loss of vital learnings from review.

StoryBuilder© Chronology is available to all Everlaw users immediately, with no additional charges. For more information, visit or

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