New Energy Powder Mix Is a Game-Changer for Athletes

More than an energy recovery and endurance drink, Driv is an easy way to decrease brain fog, while also improving dry mouth and skin

 Driv is taking the energy drink industry in an exciting new direction. Each convenient five-calorie energy pack helps athletes improve performance, accelerate recovery, and decrease brain fog, dry mouth and dry skin. Here’s another bonus: Unlike most energy drinks, Driv does not contain caffeine, which can be dehydrating. 

The secret is in Driv’s blend of premium, natural ingredients, including a substantial two-gram dose of Bioenergy Ribose®, a natural, clinically-proven 5-carbon sugar that your body uses to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the source of all cellular energy. Driv is also an excellent way to replenish magnesium, potassium and sodium, the important electrolytes lost when you sweat. These minerals support good hydration, help regulate your blood’s acidity, and support muscle and nerve function. 

 Athletes across the country are now discovering Driv’s many benefits, which include: 

• Reducing fatigue 

• Improving physical performance 

• Speeding energy recovery 

• Increasing energy reserves 

• Improving endurance 

• Reducing muscle cramping and soreness 

• Decreasing ‘brain fog’ 

• Increasing hydration 

• Increasing your ability to absorb critical nutrients 

• Decreasing dry mouth and dry skin 

“Pushing yourself to the limit – whether it’s training, competing or just pursuing an active lifestyle – depletes your body’s natural supply of ribose, creatine and electrolytes,” explains Fanda Labs Co-Founder Frank Bayr. “Driv reboots the body’s natural energy synthesis process by restoring ribose, creatine and electrolytes lost during exercise. It’s a proven way to help your sore, stiff muscles recover – allowing you to push yourself further.” Bioenergy Ribose is popular in a variety of sports nutrition, dietary supplement and functional food and beverage products. It works synergistically with a variety of other functional ingredients and helps increase and sustain their benefits. 

You can take back your energy for about $1 a day, by going to Free shipping is now available. 

About Fanda Labs 

The Fanda Labs mission is to utilize science and nature to achieve optimal health and fitness. Fanda Labs products are scientifically designed using premium, natural ingredients. At Fanda Labs we believe that nature already provides the best ingredients and we are committed to utilizing those amazing natural ingredients in ways that optimize your well-being. 

About Bioenergy Ribose 

Bioenergy Ribose is manufactured by Bioenergy Life Science to the highest industry standards. It is FDA GRAS-affirmed (Generally Recognized As Safe), and is certified pure. It is also Kosher certified, Halal, allergen free and non-GMO. Discover how this ingredient can enhance your product’s nutritional profile by contacting us today.

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About Fanda Labs

The Fanda Labs team uses science and nature to create products that enhance health and increase performance!

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