New eBook From Perks WW Channel Explores the Value of Adding a Marketing Certification Program to Channel Partner Enablement

In their latest resource, Perks WW Channel explains how to increase channel marketing and management (CMM) platform utilization, by adding a marketing certification program to channel partner enablement, to improve partner-led demand creation.

Perks WW Channel, a premier provider of channel incentive programs that drive business performance, has added a new eBook titled Empower Your Partners, How to Improve Partner-led Demand Creation with Marketing Certification Programs to their channel marketing library on

This new resource details how suppliers can develop marketing certification programs to increase utilization of channel marketing and management (CMM) platforms, and support partner-led demand creation.

Our eBook addresses this pain point by outlining best practices on implementing a successful marketing certification program, and how to drive such a program to increase skills, measure change, and reward desired partner-led demand creation behavior.

Claudio Ayub, Chief Strategy Officer, Perks WW

Perks WW’s Chief Strategy Officer, Claudio Ayub, noted the importance of educating partners as they take on more responsibility for demand creation. Ayub said, “Partners now own a much bigger piece of the lead-to-revenue cycle as vendors launch multiple CMM platforms, yet the utilization of these CMM tools is below 17% according to a recent study by SiriusDecisions.”

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • Reasons why there is such a low utilization of CMM tools and campaign marketplaces
  • How to launch a point based program designed to educate partners on demand creation
  • The essential course components of a good marketing certification program
  • Follow up steps that will ensure success

People who want to read Empower Your Partners, How to Improve Partner-led Demand Creation with Marketing Certification Programs, can download it from

About Perks WW Channel

Perks WW Channel provides services and software to help you engage your B2B and indirect channel partners to improve sales effectiveness. With a listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and a global user base exceeding 7.5 million users, Perks WW Channel takes the guesswork out of channel incentives and loyalty programs.

Our solutions empower leading global enterprises with the sales and marketing programs they need to produce a competitive advantage through their indirect sales channels. The available solution set encompasses the three most critical areas to optimize indirect channel performance: marketing enablement, incentive management, and global managed services. We provide these services to some of the most influential companies in the world, all backed and supported by years of expertise and our Science of Motivation™ methodology.

Source: Perks Worldwide