New Earphone Technology Promises to End Ear Discomfort

AI interface interacts with all popular voice support technologies such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

NEOPON 2 | Flexible Earphones for Every Ear

​​​​Technology startup NEOPON is bringing to market a new earphone that promises to eliminate the discomfort experienced from wearing earphones for prolonged periods.

Many of us have suffered from itchy or painful ears caused by wearing earphones or earbuds for an extended period of time. These are common complaints, and hearing loss, in particular, is affecting 15% of America’s adult population, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. And this problem isn’t just going away. While findings by Grand View Research project the earphone and headphone market size to continuously grow, studies of in-ear devices found them teeming with over 2,000 times more germs than what is found on an average cutting board. This raises strong concerns with the modern emphasis on safety precautions and sanitization measures.

NEOPON is solving this problem with an earphone which includes oval-shaped earbuds attached to a movable cable. Most in-ear earphones have to block the ear canals in order to work effectively, making them the perfect breeding ground for germs and dirt. NEOPON earphones are different from the rest as they deliver high-quality sound even when not put inside the ears. By positioning it anywhere on the flat of your ears, outside air naturally flows in. This allows your ears to “breathe” comfortably and reduces the risk of becoming home to infections and other medical problems. 

Control Your Sound Environment

This technology also allows users full control over noise cancellation based on the loudness of their environment. Background noise can be quickly tuned out or focused on by simply moving the speaker closer to or away from the ear canal without requiring users to take off the device or stop what they were listening to.

NEOPON Founder and CEO Neo Lee said, “I created this product to remove every single pain point associated with prolonged earphone usage. No more ear discomfort, no more volume adjustments. Now anybody can have full control over their earphone audio without sacrificing their comfort or health.”

NEOPON comes with a flexible hook that ensures an individual custom fit for every user — this earphone won’t fall off during use, even during a vigorous workout. Furthermore, an AI-enhanced interface connects with all popular voice support features such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

NEOPON 2 is a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology with a design that promises both comfort and powerful sound through its easy-to-use and unique design. 

Crowdfunding Now on Kickstarter

NEOPON 2 is selling on Kickstarter for just $79 and a limited number of early backers can expect to nab one for as low as $39 or $49 by pledging the early bird reward tiers. NEOPON 2 launched on Kickstarter June 25, and the product is expected to ship in December 2020.

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Neo Lee

Source: Neopon

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