New Disruptive Innovation Called DTRelay Has Been Created to Mitigate Major Internet Security Risks

DTRelay is patent-pending middleware that provides authentication without exposing client-side tokens where hacking occurs. DTRelay enhances the security of web and mobile applications while simultaneously making them easier to build and it improves application performance.

It is a fact that hackers steal billions of dollars, and many companies have been affected by them, realizing they are no longer safe utilizing HTTPS. Actually, mobile applications are easily hacked and therefore not reliable to conduct secure transactions. Expressive Analytics, a custom software company, realized this fact over two years ago and decided to do something about it.

DTRelay was created for web and mobile applications to run efficiently on Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and, during the engineering process, solved other security risks. DTRelay addresses vulnerabilities in the ubiquitous OAuth methods and simplifies HTTP requests, while eliminating cumbersome callback processes normally required by OAuth. The entire OAuth negotiation can be handled without a client-side redirect, allowing single-page applications to authenticate without loss of state or bandwidth-consuming page reloads. This means faster, safer, more scalable and easier-to-build web and mobile apps.

DTRelay allows for secure implementation of HTML and JavaScript on CDNs, improving the user's experience across mobile or web traffic while being completely secure. The DTRelay architecture dramatically reduces the attack surface used to target JavaScript and HTML, making it virtually impossible to expose a company’s secure data to hackers. 

Because there is no compiled code, assembly, config parameters or consumer keys, it is now possible to use CDNs to dramatically increase application or software performance and easily scale, with requests seeing an improvement of 300 percent. The use of a CDN has the added benefit of making it easily possible to scale across millions of users without any extra hardware required.

In fact, founder Blake Anderson stated, “DTRelay also has technology allowing companies to innovate their current processes using what we call DTRelay Delegates.” The DTRelay technology provides a security upgrade, creates ease of use for the users, offers developer convenience, allows much easier scalability and it even has support for service discovery.

There are many benefits for a company to use DTRelay.  Here are a few of the major benefits: 

  • Saves companies money (development time + hosting + lower skills) 
  • Mitigate Internet security risks 
  • Easily integratable across all platforms 
  • Improves the performance of application(s) 
  • Innovative/cutting-edge technology
  • Scale to millions of users 
  • Increase application/software performance by 70 percent 
  • Seamlessly manages the OAuth 1 or OAuth 2 process 
  • Manage gateway authorization 
  • Manage secure file transfers
  • Work between client and relay to be done independently of API 
  • Create new innovative ways to build communication architecture

DTRelay is revolutionizing the way transactions are done online. It protects communication from a device, including mobile, to a company’s API, which is where hackers steal personal information. 

If you are interested in learning more about this technology and putting an end to business vulnerabilities, please email Michael Martinez.

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