New Detox Based on Scientific Breakthrough from One of the 'Fathers of Modern Toxicology' is Revealed

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​​​NeoLife International, a name synonymous with superior quality nutrition for nearly 60 years, has just announced a new product: NeoLife 3-Day Detox. NeoLife 3-Day detox is designed to help you cleanse, balance and energize ­– the healthy way!

“We’re taking the guesswork out of detoxing. We’re not the first company to come out with a detox, but we are the first to have a program that includes product formulations from one of the ‘Fathers of Modern Toxicology’, Dr. Arthur Furst. He pioneered the concept that nutrition should be the body’s first line of defense against environmental toxins and free-radical damage. To me, that says it all. Plus the fact that there’s no need to starve yourself!” explains NeoLife CEO, Kendra Brassfield.  

We're taking the guesswork out of detoxing. We're not the first company to come out with a detox, but we are the first to have a program that includes product formulations from the one of the 'Fathers of Modern Toxicology', Dr. Arthur Furst. He pioneered the concept that nutrition should be the body's first line of defense against environmental toxins and free-radical damage. To me, that says it all. Plus the fact that there's no need to starve yourself!

Kendra Brassfield, NeoLife CEO

NeoLife 3-Day Detox stays true to the company’s ‘based in nature, backed by science’ product philosophy, and stamped with the Scientific Advisory Board seal of approval that represents a worldwide network of nutrition experts, doctors, scientists, and research facilities that are dedicated to delivering optimum health based on nature’s blueprint. NeoLife has been providing families with quality supplements since 1958, giving added peace of mind with a trusted name.

3-Day Detox

NeoLife 3-Day Detox arrives at your doorstep in a neatly packaged unit, containing everything you need to get started on your journey to good   health – 3 days of scientifically proven whole food detox supplements, two NeoLifeShake single-serve packets, three two-serving NeoLifeTea sticks, additional probiotics to follow-up your detox, and a comprehensive yet simple guide to show you the way. The supplements come in push-through cards, one for each day, labeled AM and PM so there’s no hassle in figuring out what to take and when.

Simple Two-Part System

On days 1 and 2, it’s time to Cleanse! Take AM and PM Supplements, plus eat fresh fruits and vegetables, raw or lightly steamed. Drink plenty of liquids, including NeoLifeTea for energy.

Day 3 brings you into part two of the system – Balance & Energize. Take your AM and PM supplements, and now you can begin to introduce high quality protein back into your diet with NeoLifeShake for breakfast and lunch, and a healthy meal at dinner. Keep hydrating!

For the following 4 days, you have an added supply of probiotics to continue to repopulate healthy intestinal flora for gut health.

Scientific Breakthroughs

One of the many unique points of difference found in the NeoLife Detox is its nutritional focus. The supplement lineup is like a basketball team stacked with all-star players, each product representing a scientific breakthrough in its own regard.

Neo-Lax is a gentle, natural laxative for occasional irregularity. It’s a proprietary formula of eight complementary herbs that encourages a mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural elimination/detoxification processes.*

Garlic Allium Complex gives you all the heart health benefits of garlic at clinically significant levels in NeoLife’s exclusive formula. It has natural antimicrobial properties to help drive out bad bacteria, and delivers 4,200 mcg of allicin from pure garlic extract in each serving. And the best part…exclusive Targeted Delivery Technology takes garlic’s active allicin directly to your intestine, eliminating aftertaste and maximizing absorption*

Betagard is your first line of nutritional defense against damaging free radicals of potentially toxic chemicals from pollution, exhaust fumes, smog and other environmental sources. Developed by world renowned toxicologist, cancer researcher and SAB Founding Member Emeritus, Dr. Arthur Furst.*

Acidophilus Plus to recolonize your gastrointestinal tract with a healthy balance of probiotic intestinal flora to help regulate intestinal activity, promote colon health and support immunity. It contains five billion ‘live’ microorganisms per capsule – the same as in 10 servings of yogurt. The revolutionary part of this product is found in the science behind ensuring the probiotics are intestine-targeted, where they are actually used. Exclusive ‘Gel-Gard’ Enteric Protection System guarantees delivery by protecting against harsh stomach acid and ensuring that maximum numbers of live bacteria are delivered in the intestine.*

John Miller, NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board, explains, “A growing and compelling amount of leading edge science continues to point to the benefits of managing and promoting a healthy gastrointestinal micro flora. The NeoLife 3-Day Detox program is a simple and convenient way to reestablish healthy probiotic communities which evidence points to is so critical to long-term health and vitality.*”

NeoLifeTea promotes instant energy, fat burning and efficient metabolism. Plus a special Adaptogen Blend of herbs enhances mental alertness and well-being.*

NeoLifeShake is a delicious protein drink for daily nutrition and weight management. It features a proprietary blend of 18g of high quality protein, 25 essential vitamins and minerals, and No artificial anything! No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added! It’s also glycemic response controlled. Used for breakfast and lunch on day 3.

Jumpstart 2017

If you want to get a healthy jumpstart to kick off 2017, then NeoLife 3-Day Detox might be just what you’ve been looking for! For those who want to be a customer, NeoLife offers a Club Member program. Joining is free, simple and gives valued customers the ability to shop at a special 15-25% discount, as well as access to nutritional education, free product when you refer friends, weight loss and fitness challenges, and fun events around the country.

Nutrition Startup

And for any entrepreneurs out there who have a passion for sharing good health… NeoLife is also redefining the world of startups. Put simply, it’s like a tech start-up, but with nutrition. There are low barriers to entry because NeoLife provides the infrastructure that any successful business needs, as well as consumable products, and a compensation plan. So instead of having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, it makes entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. You can own your own NeoLife business and it can be passed down as an income-generating asset to future generations.

For more information on the new NeoLife 3- Day Detox and other products, please visit or call 800.432.5842. To reach a direct company representative for media inquiries, please call 510.651.0405. To learn how to build a foundation of good nutrition for you and your loved ones, visit

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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