New Democratic Challenger to Newsom Becomes Fox LA's First In-Person Interview Post Covid; Proposes Ending Water Shortage & $2,000/mo.

On Monday, July 12th Meet Kevin Paffrath was Fox LA's first in-person interview since the Covid-19 pandemic. During his prime-time interview, Meet Kevin Paffrath outlined his plan to solve homelessness, the water shortage, education, and the housing crisis. Meet Kevin Paffrath also attacked the idea of identity politics as he believes that the issues facing California are problems shared between all Californians, not just Democrats or Republicans.

California is in one of the worst droughts in its history. Meet Kevin Paffrath wants to create permanent solutions to the water shortage. He plans to do this by building water pipelines across the United States to buy clean, cheaper water from States that have excess water or from the Mississippi River to California.

Additionally, Kevin Paffrath has a detailed plan to end homelessness on our streets within 60 days of taking office, using emergency powers, then curing the causes of homelessness. Meet Kevin Paffrath will end homeless on our streets by deploying the National Guard to serve homeless communities for 60 days. At the same time, the National Guard will be tasked with providing compassion, food, and safety where the homeless currently stay. This way our streets will instantly become safer and the homeless will have food security. At the same time, the National Guard will begin the construction of 80 Emergency Facilities throughout the state to house 2,000 homeless each and provide them with centralized support including: mental-health facilities, detox facilities, educational facilities, canteens, and medical support for all in need.

Meet Kevin Paffrath, is also proposing that students over the age of 18 at Future Schools be given $2,000 per month. His Future School plan involves combining high school, college, financial education, and vocational schools. This would provide an optional career path for students to get trained for high-paying, in-demand careers and those over 18 will be paid $2,000 per month. The focus is simple: Providing an educated workforce, focused on building individual wealth, and providing workers with careers where starting salaries are 5 to 7 times higher than the poverty line is a smart investment into California that saves us money.

Meet Kevin Paffrath's Full 20-Part Plan is available on his campaign website: The plan now features a one-year, 5-part Emergency Plan as part of his overall five-year, 20-part plan.

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