New DATAMARK Report Shows How Organizations Are Winning Big With Mailroom Outsourcing

The article explores how large companies, government agencies, and non-profits are gaining a competitive edge by partnering with mailroom outsourcing companies.

DATAMARK, a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company, just released “Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Mailroom Outsourcing.” The point-by-point list, which outlines how outsourcing mailroom services can lead to business transformation, is live on now.

The report is part of the DATAMARK Insights series, a growing library of resources that explores imperative issues like efficiency, profitability, and automation, giving business leaders the information necessary to create more competitive and agile organizations. With a focus on sectors like healthcare, finance, government, and other industries with high regulatory compliance needs and large volumes of data to manage, the library hosts a mix of articles, videos, case studies, and whitepapers that can be read and digested quickly by busy professionals.

“Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Mailroom Outsourcing” explains that organizations can easily become overwhelmed by mailroom needs as they grow, diverting resources and focusing away from core business functions that deliver growth. By outsourcing, companies not only get their square footage and focus back but can switch to a paperless or digital system—something many organizations feel is too overwhelming to tackle alone.

“It’s a huge relief for them when they find out we can help them go digital,” says Nina Brown, DATAMARK Vice President of Client Solutions. “Often, they’re dealing with legacy systems that don’t talk to one another, or they’ve got specialized forms coming in through the mail, and they’ve been manually entering all the data. It’s a huge weight off their shoulders to partner with an expert who understands what they’re dealing with and knows how to move them to more efficient methods.”

She notes that DATAMARK already has the equipment to manage most needs, and the outsourcing company has a whole team of experts on hand that evaluates the organization’s existing processes and needs before refining them and pivoting away from old, ineffective methods. This creates a custom fit that serves the business well and helps them save money too.

“We find that companies want to do things like go paperless and deliver better service,” Brown explains. “However, they can’t make the transition in today’s economy unless they can do those things and reduce operating costs simultaneously. We help them do it all.”

According to Brown, part of the secret to their success is automation, but a lot of it is getting the right workforce in place as well. With facilities across the United States, in Mexico, and in India, each of which hosts a well-educated and highly trained team, DATAMARK combines the best of all worlds to create the ideal solution for each organization it serves. Those interested in learning more about mailroom outsourcing are encouraged to visit

Chelsea Hill

Source: DATAMARK Inc.