New DATAMARK Report Sheds Light on the Inside World of BPO Companies

The comprehensive report offers an in-depth look at how business process outsourcing (BPO) companies work and the organizations that partner with them.

​​Leading BPO company DATAMARK released “What Do BPO Companies Do?” The no-nonsense report which breaks down how BPO companies give organizations a competitive edge, what types of services they offer, and where they operate is available to read at now.

The document is part of DATAMARK Insights, a series designed to arm today’s business leaders with the knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-changing business world and grow stronger organizations. With topics ranging from how to improve efficiency through enhancing profitability and measuring success, the virtual library hosts a bounty of reference materials that provide a clear path to success.

“What Do BPO Companies Do?” explains that BPO companies give organizations a competitive edge through business process automation, improvement, and management, reengineering back-office business processes and creating a transformative state that allows for greater focus on core business functions, increases profit and strengthens agility. Offerings typically include things like contact center services, data and document services, and continuity planning.

“People often think they need to use an out-of-the-box solution for their back-office outsourcing needs,” says DATAMARK President, Bill Randag. “But the best BPO companies recognize there are going to be differences and work to find a custom fit that aligns with corporate objectives and needs.”

He says that DATAMARK brings in process experts who perform a full evaluation and connect with decision-makers to gain a deep understanding of what’s happening at the heart of every organization the company serves at the onset of all projects. These extra steps allow them to create custom plans that support each organization and ensure any outsourced services are managed with the same care and consideration an in-house team would provide, but with enhanced efficiency and other benefits.

“Our considerations won’t be the same if we’re setting up a contact center for a government agency versus a Fortune 500 company,” Randag expands. “DATAMARK works with both and has done so for generations, so it gives us a unique perspective on what the possibilities and challenges are.”

Randag adds that DATAMARK’s global footprint aids in the customization process as well. Organizations can choose from outsourcing processes under their own roof, choose other on-shore options, elect for near-shore, or select to go far-shore, depending on what needs to be accomplished. Those interested in learning more about DATAMARK or how BPO companies work are encouraged to visit

Chelsea Hill


Source: DATAMARK Inc.