New DATAMARK Report Explores How COVID-19 is Redefining the Customer Experience

The business process outsourcing firm's latest release offers insights on changes in consumer behavior, how companies are rising to meet their needs, and best practices in a world transformed by coronavirus

DATAMARK, the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, recently released “How COVID-19 is Redefining the Customer Experience.” The piece, which provides a deep dive into customer care data and trends, is available to read in its entirety on

The comprehensive report is part of the DATAMARK Insights series, a growing library of resource materials designed to help business leaders adapt in changing times and create effective strategies. Focus is placed on enterprise-level solutions for organizations in industries that often get overwhelmed by repetitive back-office tasks, such as mailroom processing and customer service.

“How COVID-19 is Redefining the Customer Experience” notes that customer behavior is rapidly evolving due to coronavirus. Budgets are being reevaluated, discretionary spending is down, and more than three-quarters of the population is actively shopping around. Organizations must adapt their approach to meet their needs and retain customers in the long run.

“When the pandemic began, organizations were worried about how they could scale up to meet higher volumes in their contact centers,” explains DATAMARK President Bill Randag. “Now that the immediate crisis has passed, they’re focused on the future — how they can delight people to maintain them as customers and how they can do it all in a cost-effective way.”

Randag notes that customer loyalty has been shaken, and it’s more important than ever for companies to show people the value they offer. Those that thrive will be the ones who retrain their contact center representatives to skip the selling and, instead, focus more on service.

“The research is clear on what creates a world-class experience in the minds of consumers. Helping them achieve their goal or educating them on how to use a product or use it better rank high,” Randag continues. “We’ve always applied these and similar techniques in our contact centers, so our representatives and clients were well prepared for the shift.”

The techniques Randag discussed are backed up by Gartner research, which indicates 82 percent of customers will decide to stay with a company after a “value-enhancing service interaction” occurs during their conversation with a representative. However, the same report notes that only 15 percent of companies leverage them, making DATAMARK’s contact centers a progressive outlier.

Other areas covered by the DATAMARK report include the shift to digital channels, increased leverage of BPO companies, and greater focus on creating agile teams. Those interested in learning more about how to transform their customer experience through BPO are encouraged to visit for details.

Chelsea Hill

Source: DATAMARK Inc.