NEW: COVID-19 Added to STD List by Positive Singles

Positive Singles, the No. 1 herpes and STD dating website and support group, has now added coronavirus testing as the number one criterion on its list of STD diseases. For almost 20 years, Positive Singles has supported the STD community. The top concern now for this community is contracting the coronavirus from their potential partner.

​​​​​Since its launch in 2001, Positive Singles has become the largest and most trusted online dating site and support network in North America for people with various sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Since the COVID-19 outbreak, contracting coronavirus through sexual activities has risen to be the top concern among people in the dating world. Positive Singles recently added coronavirus to its STD list in response to strong desires by its existing and prospective members to have their partners tested for COVID-19.

Almost overnight, COVID-19 permanently disrupted how singles meet up, interact, and grow relationships. For most people, COVID-19 is an economic and financial concern. For singles who are looking for intimacy and lasting relationships, it adds another barrier to the already-tricky process of staying safe and healthy in a budding relationship. While not an STD, COVID-19 is highly transmittable. What makes it even trickier for the singles looking to meet people is that one can carry COVID-19, be contagious, but remain symptom-free. 

A top concern for individuals in the dating world is: How do I enter an intimate relationship without the risk of getting infected with COVID-19?

Suny Zhang, the supervisor of the site, echoed such concern: “We believe that the pandemic has changed the dating scene forever as more and more people want their partners to get tested for COVID-19 before starting the relationship. In addition, they want to know if they and their potential partners are on the same page with regard to social distancing, which is a new measure of compatibility. This is why we have decided to add coronavirus to our list of STDs, as the experts have predicted that COVID-19 is something we will have to live with, like other STDs.”

She further added, “A new study published in the Journal of the American Medicine Association last Thursday showed that the coronavirus is found to be present in the semen of both men who had an active infection and those who had recovered. It is yet to be confirmed if this virus can be transmitted sexually. This puts COVID-19 on top of the STD list for testing for singles.”

As a premier dating site that has supported safe dating for singles for nearly 20 years, Positive Singles is in a unique position to provide solutions to dating in the COVID-19 environment. Our motto of "Stay Positive! Find Love, Support & Hope" has never been more relevant than today.

As COVID-19 is likely here to stay and some form of social distancing will become the new norm, more singles are expected to look to online sites such as Positive Singles to engage each other and find potential partners.

While testing for STDs is still important, COVID-19 testing will remain top of mind for singles for some time to come. By adding COVID-19 to the STD list, Positive Singles provides crucial information for singles to evaluate the compatibility of their potential partners. It helps singles make decisions such as whether they should quarantine together, keep distance, or if they should move forward with their relationships.

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