New Consulting Company MMG Launches With Focus to Help Revitalize Clinical Trials

Rallying around Start-Ups struggling in COVID-19 pandemic. MMG - Mike Margiotta Group is a privately owned Consulting Group launching in response to the fallout from the spread of coronavirus infections.

Michael Margiotta

Working in the clinical trial space is a challenge given a normal situation, but bringing trial goals to fruition has changed from challenging to impossible. The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on clinical trial schedules for the largest of players - so what does this mean for smaller organizations?​ This is certainly a stress-test for all, and Mike Margiotta is heading his own initiative to provide expertise to start-ups and growing companies.

"Now more than ever is the time to utilize my experience in health care technology and clinical trials to help support start-ups," says Mike. "It's important to spotlight small organizations and ensure they are being set-up for success."

Mike Margiotta Group provides services around Sales and Business Development-primarily in health care, pharma, medical device, and biotechnology spaces - Executive & BOD leadership and guidance, Fund Raising Efforts, and support with Exit Strategies.

About Mike: Michael Margiotta: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2012 finalist and Business Person of the Year Finalist in 2013. Michael has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry, having accepted additional awards and accommodations throughout his career including "50 Best Companies of the Year" and being named Top 20 Most Innovative CEOs.

As the Founder, Chairman & CEO of eHT, Michael was able to grow his company from 1 customer & 1 employee to over 250 customers & 120 employees in less than nine years. Michael believes that the key to success is vision, passion and dedication to provide value to his customers. His unwavering dedication to customer service drove a 97% customer satisfaction & 95% customer retention rate during his leadership.

With this same passion, Michael launched Patient identification Platform™ (Patient i.P.): A tech-solution company focused on improving public health and lowering cost by introducing a streamlined process for conducting clinical trials in medicine with greater reliability and patient safety. Patient I.P.™ (Patient identification Platform™) is a first-to-market revolutionary solution, awarded the Microsoft Healthcare Innovation Award in 2016. This award-winning software is based on several patent-pending processes, algorithms and displays that comprise unique visual analytic tools: Patient Matching Index™ (PMI) & Co-Factor Index™ (CFI). The platform streamlines the patient matching process, and maximizes opportunity for a successful trial outcome, while significantly lowering costs.

In Michael's most recent endeavor, iPatientAxis, a ChartFill company, he launched a first-to-market solution called Predictive Recruitment, which focuses on streamlining patient identification, qualification and enrollment. iPatientAxis has successfully supported over 300 studies and 6,000 clinical trial sites in just 3 years. In addition to Predictive Recruitment, iPatientAxis also provides Health Data, Clinical Research, and Transplant Services. Due to demand for global engagement, iPatientAxis expanded with its first EU office in Dublin, Ireland August 2019.

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