New Company Zobox Launches Two IoT Products at CES 2018

Zobox launching a personal GPS tracking device and alarm, and a clever device to reboot your router if your Internet fails.

Zobox is a new startup launching two new IoT devices at CES 2018, Jan. 9 to 12. Zobox is exhibiting in the Eureka Park at the Sands Convention Center, at Booth #51063.

Zobox will be showing off two new products, Zobox Beacon and Zobox Router Rebooter. Zobox is raising funds to expedite production through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

“Zobox are delighted to be launching these two fantastic products at CES. Both Beacon and Router Rebooter are truly useful devices that really work and provide real-world solutions. We have already had a terrific reaction to both products and we are looking forward to bring these great products to a wider audience,” said JP Lynch, CEO at Zobox.

Zobox Beacon

The most advanced global GPS tracking device ever, Zobox Beacon is a personal GPS tracking and alarm device with global coverage. Zobox Beacon can track your kids, luggage, pets, and cars. Beacon can alert the user tell when their child leaves the shopping mall, it can tell you when luggage enters the baggage hall, it can notify when a bike it's attached to moves, and hundreds of other uses. All from the phone App.

Zobox Beacon webpage:

Zobox Beacon on Indiegogo:

Zobox Router Rebooter

Router Rebooter actively monitors an Internet connection 24/7 and automatically reboots the router when it fails. Router Rebooter brings smart technology to the core of any connected home.

Modern homes have a growing number of connected devices, so a reliable connection is essential. Router Rebooter monitors the internet connection and brings it back to life in the fastest time possible should it fail.

Zobox Router Rebooter sits between the router power plug and the router. When the internet loses connection, the Router Rebooter cuts the power, waits a few seconds, then restores the power, forcing a reboot cycle that will fix most common connection issues.

Zobox Router Rebooter webpage:

Zobox Router Rebooter on Indiegogo:

About Zobox

Zobox was founded by two entrepreneurs from two different continents. One from the United Kingdom and one from China. Both founders are successful business leaders who are passionate about technology. After working together for over ten years they decided to form a company to design, develop, and produce new IoT technology products.

Media Contact:

JP Lynch
US Tel: 1 844 835 8168 
UK Tel: +44 (0) 1635 597789

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