New Community Acupuncture Clinic in Elkin, NC Offers Affordable Health Care to All

New Community Acupuncture clinic opens offering sliding scale treatments costing $15-35 as part of the Working Class Acupuncture movement promoting affordable health care to all.

Elkin, NC - September 29, 2009 The Elkin Community Acupuncture clinic on 111 Church Street in downtown Elkin, North Carolina has just opened this week offering acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale rate of $15-35. Catherine Browne, a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and author, has adopted the clinic business model to address the growing need for affordable health care.

Catherine has extensive training in Chinese medicine and has a rich history in natural medicine spanning almost three decades. She specializes in treating chronic diseases such as COPD and asthma, and emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. "I had a bustling practice at Lake Norman, NC for many years charging $80 per treatment, but I only saw people who were well-off; then I volunteered at a free clinic and I only saw the very poor. I realized that middle class working people such as me were not able to benefit from acupuncture. Working class people do not want a free clinic; they just need a realistic cost for services," Catherine Explains.

Community clinics offer acupuncture in a group setting where people relax in recliners fully clothed; needling is mainly from the elbows down and from the knees down on the arms and legs, so patients pull up their sleeves and pant legs. "A skilled acupuncturist can even treat pain on the back, shoulder, or neck this way very effectively;" explains Catherine, "the most effective points for a headache are actually on the foot."

Group acupuncture is the most common way of receiving acupuncture in Asia, but is a new concept here in the States being fueled by a social movement started in Portland, Oregon. There are only two other community acupuncture clinics in North Carolina in Asheville.

The clinic is open from Monday through Thursday from 1-6 PM. Those interested in affordable acupuncture can schedule appointments, download patient forms, and get details from the website website


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