New Interim Chief Executive Officer and Co-Medical Director of Noblequest Health Foundation, Inc.

NobleQuest Health Foundation, Inc. welcomed their newly appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer this week, Dr. Mahfouz Michael, MD. Dr. Michael will support NobleQuest Health Foundation, Inc in its overall success by ensuring that services meet and exceed client expectations. As he helps to direct and oversee activities associated with providing products and services, he will consult with the board members, executives, and staff about ongoing operations. Dr. Michael's expert knowledge in negotiating and approving agreements, contracts, and offering oversite on performance indicators will help NobleQuest improve their programs, performance, and policies.

Dr. Jose dela Llana is no longer affiliated with Noblequest Health Foundation, Inc. In addition, Dr. Mafouz Michael, MD. was elected as the new co-medical director for Noblequest Health Foundation, Inc. and is now involved in the daily operations of the organization.

Source: NobleQuest Health Foundation, Inc.


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