New Business Fairplay Communications Aims to Bring Community Back to the Workplace

Fairplay is a startup focusing on organizational effectiveness by helping leaders create community.

According to Gallup, nearly 85% of global employees are actively disengaged. People are working remotely and feeling remote. Corporations are learning that the way to get more done faster is to create a genuine sense of community among the people who work there.

Recognizing this tidal shift, Fairplay Communications announces the launch of its live learning and experiential discovery sessions for corporate clients. Through Keynotes, Interactive Training and Facilitated Group Dialogue, Fairplay helps organizations build community so that the managers in the middle are more productive and employees are more engaged.

Fairplay works with companies in three ways:

Leadership Development – Fairplay offers a series of 1-2 hour training sessions that introduce core leadership skills (managing virtual meetings, giving and receiving feedback, etc.) through the lens of Community Building. At the center of these sessions is a concept called Mindset Leadership, which trains leaders to impact behavior by shifting the way we think about engagement.

Employee Insights – Fairplay works to diagnose the pernicious gap between those who set strategy and those who activate it through their Lookingglass Lab session. This is a community-based group dialogue that uncovers entrenched barriers to growth and then helps leaders create the roadmap forward. 

Consumer Ideation – Fairplay creates consumer ‘play-dates’ to generate marketing insights and early-stage positioning ideas by bringing brands together with their most creative community members.

All programs are offered in both live and virtual formats.

Fairplay’s approach puts engagement first. “We use the voice of the people closest to the brand to understand the possibilities for the future,” says Scott Zoll, co-founder of Fairplay. “Companies often leverage online data to get a pulse of the employee or consumer, which is a good start. Unfortunately, that often tells the ‘what’ but rarely the ‘why’, which is vital in creating a pathway forward."

Andy Eninger, co-founder, says, “We’ve designed an approach for building community sourced in our years of work in L&D, Consumer Engagement, Equity and Inclusion and Applied Improvisation. Especially in the months since the pandemic began, we’ve seen that the organizations that thrive are the ones that enable individual agency and a sense of belonging. These are at the heart of creating community but often a low priority for busy managers trying to get the best work out of remote teams.”

Fairplay Communications is a Leadership Development and Employee Engagement company. Founded by Scott Zoll (Second City Works, Former Head of L&D) and Andy Eninger (Second City Works, Former Head of the Writing Program, Second City). They combine three decades of experience in applied improvisation, equity and inclusion, group facilitation, consumer ideation and learning and development. Fairplay's mission is to make organizations more effective by building community through Leadership Development, Employee Insights and Consumer Ideation.


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