New Brand Identity With Refreshed Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

​Rainbow Design Services has refreshed its logo. “We have created something really special over the last 22 years. Our business has grown and evolved and we want to make sure that our visual representation represents who we are today. We have used the former logo for more than 17 years and it has served us well. Changing our logo wasn’t a decision we took lightly, we are proud of our rich history, but we are not the same company we were 17 years ago. Our visual brand identity has a dated feel and no longer adequately presents all that we are as a company,” said Jeff Mardis, Rainbow Design Services’ President/CEO.

With the help of an outside marketing firm, Rainbow Design Services has adopted a new modernized logo with a more contemporary font and a bright orange color. The new visual identity, with its bold colors and up-to-date font, better represent the company as modern and evolving. “When designing our logo we wanted something that was not trendy but timeless. During this process we learned that orange is symbolic of strength and endurance, qualities we hope that our customers use when describing Rainbow Design Services.” The new logo will be part of a corporate rebranding and marketing plan that represents the current philosophies, offerings, and culture of Rainbow Design Services.

While the brand and logo are changing to better represent what the company is today Rainbow Design Services’ core values remain the same and have enabled us to develop long lasting customer relationships. “We’re honored to have a varied and loyal partnership with some amazing companies, including Charter Communications and Comcast Cable. Our customers are always our priority and we plan for it to stay that way.” This new representation of Rainbow Design Services clearly shows that we are evolving as a company. 

We are aware that changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and takes some time, so we will finalize it gradually. The first major industry event where the new brand will be revealed is SCTE in Philadelphia in late September.

About Rainbow Design Services

Widely acknowledged as an industry leader, Rainbow Design Services is a full service Telecom Engineering and Design firm. We specialize in documenting and engineering FTTx, RF, HFC and ISP, and deliver customized GIS & Engineering services related to these assets to clients across an expansive range of markets and localities. Rainbow Design Services is proud of our strong reputation of consistently meeting aggressive schedules while maintaining a standard of delivering high-quality products that continually exceed our client’s expectations. Everything we do is done in a GIS (mapping) platform, and thus is delivered in most any standard CAD/GIS format.

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky Rainbow Design Services’ two decades of practice has resulted in a solid foundation of technical expertise resulting from experience, and the dedication of our diverse staff.

Source: Rainbow Design Services