New Book Titled "DMV Handbook for Colorado Attorneys" Simplifies the Complex World of DMV Law

Working pro-bono, Nate Becker and Adrienne Teodorovic have put together a comprehensive guide deemed the "DMV Bible." The book's proceeds will benefit the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Raptor Fund

Sometimes finding the right answers to DMV law-related questions can be a challenging task for attorneys and legal experts. But in their 200+ page book, Nate Becker, a DMV law expert, and Adrienne Teodorovic, a criminal defense attorney, hope to simplify that.

“The handbook answers both the basic and more detailed questions that attorneys and drivers have as it relates to the impact that administrative revocations and criminal convictions have on a person's ability to drive in the state of Colorado,” explained Becker.

The book can be referenced at a moment's notice by every criminal defense attorney in Colorado to ensure clients and drivers are being properly advised of collateral consequences of criminal convictions, accurate periods of revocation, and exact license reinstatement requirements.

It was written in honor of former Colorado criminal defense attorney, Gary Pirosko. The prominent and longtime lawyer passed away unexpectedly from natural causes on August 4th, 2015. Prior to his sudden death, Pirosko had actually contacted them about collaborating on such a book.

“It was this tragedy that finally pushed us into action. It’s our way of honoring the wish of a man that was loved, respected and admired.  It’s a quick reference guide that will save fellow lawyers countless hours of scouring statutes and searching listserv archives,” stated Becker. “Gary saw a need for such a document as even he, at times, struggled with the DMV, its application and its penalties.”

The authors, Becker and Teodorovic, are receiving no compensation or royalties from the purchase of this book. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from it go to the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Raptor Fund. The two authors volunteered their time and the revenue from the sales to solely to benefit the cause.

To purchase the book, visit:

About Nate Becker: Becker has been working in the legal field and specifically in the area of DUI defense since 2008. Even though he is not an attorney, he remains a source of knowledge on the defense bar listserv and dedicates a significant amount of time responding to emails and phone calls from attorneys across the state regarding DUI and criminal traffic penalty assessments, collateral consequences of criminal convictions, and driver’s license reinstatement questions. 

About Adrienne Teodorovic: Teodorovic has established herself as an authority within the DUI defense community on the complex parallels between DMV and DUI law. She has also helped create numerous resources for practitioners in the DUI defense arena, including charts, manuals, and treatises. 

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