New Book Speaks Plain Truth About Real Estate Business

Veteran Agent & Broker Reveals How Real Estate Really Works

Whitney Ellis

Most real estate agents recall the first weeks in their new profession. Freshly licensed to sell real estate, according to broker and author Whitney Ellis, new agents start with no income, no leads, no listings. The National Association of Realtors reports an alarming 87 percent failure rate.

Now, Ellis offers insight — and real-world advice — into what it takes to succeed in real estate. Her new book, Every Day Agent: Straight Talk & Proven Methods to Build Your Real Estate Business, spells it out in plain language, offering additional tools on how things really get done.

Ellis should know. She cut her teeth throughout Florida's ups and downs, producing millions and advancing into management. Ellis has since trained 200 new agents as a managing broker for a major brand. Her book bottles the lightning she earned through hard-won experience.

"I struggled financially my whole life," Ellis says of her career before real estate. "I didn't run the air conditioner in my house and drove old beater cars. I wanted a better life."

'We are agents every day'

Since getting licensed in 2003, Ellis swam with the sharks in the sunshine state's real estate market. She produced in the top 10% from 2004 through 2006. Then, the downturn and a divorce reminded the ambitious businesswoman that real estate, like life, runs in cycles.

"The book title is a reminder to us all," says Ellis. Along with an optional integrated training toolkit, Ellis shares her system with readers. "We are agents every day. There are peaks and valleys. But these are habits that work, and you practice them daily to guard against hard times and have more reliable income."

Happily re-married and nationally recognized for her unique abilities to onboard new agents and turn around underperforming offices, Ellis sees Every Day Agent as a labor of love.

"This book fulfills a promise to myself — to provide struggling agents with practical advice that gets results. I've walked a mile in their shoes. There's no reason to operate in the dark or get pumped full of sunshine about your attitude. Attitude comes from action, day in, day out — doing things consistently. That's what adds up over time."

Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Boot Camp

Alongside Every Day Agent, Ellis wrote videos, templates, and checklists. These companions to her book help agents to set goals, create a plan, and take simple steps to reach their goals.

While the book stands alone with its pragmatic approach, Ellis' training system acts as a self-paced boot camp for agents wanting a jump start.

"I still pinch myself every day at how my life has changed," confesses Ellis. "I take pleasure in helping others to achieve their true potential and their dreams."

Visit for more information. Every Day Agent is available at Amazon, by searching ASIN number B07Z9MDCBB.​

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