New Book Release 'A Better Ten Commandments'

Asks If It's Our Duty Rather Than a Deity's to Make the Most of Our Lives and Answers With a Resounding 'Yes'.

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In the stylistic and firebrand approach to atheism of Dawkins and Hitchens, "A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide To Living Life With And On Purpose", supplants the Decalogue and makes a clear-cut case for reason and rationality. Pantheistically blending the best of history and philosophy, religion, and science, "A Better Ten Commandments" illuminates a path to fulfillment that takes nothing on faith.

Suicidal at 19, “I vividly remember sitting in my parents’ driveway, fondling my father’s pistol and contemplating the best way to end my pain. I was nineteen years old and absolutely hated myself. I felt like an outcast and had no idea who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and certainly no idea what truly mattered.” 

So long as there are thinkers and writers who can make this clear a case for rationality, there is still some hope for civilization ... a balm for a troubled world. This book deserves to be widely read.

Susan K Perry, Ph.D., Critically acclaimed author and Social Psychologist

So why are we here? Where does meaning come from? What truly matters in life?

After 20 years of self-reflection and rigorous study, traveling the world and a career as an Alaskan medevac/bush pilot, James Miller poses an answer to the most critical of questions.

A powerful and provocative little book, "A Better Ten Commandments" presents ten of humanities best ideas, the same ten ideas that helped save James' life. 

Author available for interviews. Review copies upon request. Paperback and Kindle e-book formats available for purchase on

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