New Book Highlighting Prospects of Systems Engineering Published in U.S.

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A new book on systems engineering and the field’s prospects by top Chinese astronautic scientist Huifeng Xue is set to be published by Prunus Press USA in the coming days.

The book, Illuminating the world – the Choice of the Era to Rise Above the Atmosphere, is a comprehensive academic work that focuses on the theories and philosophies in the field of systems engineering. It consists of three parts with 10 chapters in total, describes the necessity of systems engineering in solving current world problems, expounds on the history and evolution of systems engineering as an interdisciplinary field, analyses both reductionist and holistic approaches as its methodologies, and provides a unique astronautics point of view.

In the book, author Huifeng Xue made his research and explorations as an attempt to extend and advance the Chinese school of systems engineering, which was first introduced and developed by Hsue-Shen Tsien, renowned Chinese mathematician, cyberneticist, aerospace engineer, and physicist. In 1954, Tsien’s book Engineering Cybernetics was published, laying the theoretical foundation for the thought and theory of system engineering in China. He later published his paper Organizational Management Technology -- Systems Engineering on Sept. 27, 1978, which was considered as the birth of the Chinese school of systems engineering.

The book also accentuates the application of systems engineering in human exploration of outer space in the new era. As an achievement that blends human wisdom from the West and the East, the theoretical system and practical knowledge of systems engineering will not only push forward our exploration of existing knowledge-based system, our scientific study of the human biological system, and our development of our social system, but also provide a philosophical foundation and guidance for our walk towards the five-dimensional space, the establishment of a interplanetary society, and the continuation and progress of our great wisdom and civilization.

“I hope this book will act as an authoritative source, to provide our readers a comprehensive introduction to the thought and theory of systems engineering, and help reach consensus in building a community with a shared future for mankind,” said Xue, who is also an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics and professor of China’s Northwestern Polytechnic University.

The book will be available at and other online and physical bookstores across the U.S.

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