New Book From TAG Aims to Help Directors Bone Up on Cybersecurity

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Guiding Cybersecurity from the Boardroom

Companies are under a lot of pressure these days to beef up their cybersecurity. Even their boards of directors are beginning to feel the heat. A Wall Street Journal report published in September found that only 2.3% of the directors at S&P 500 companies have cybersecurity experience. And the Securities and Exchange Commission had been expected to include in the rules it announced in July a requirement that companies reveal which of their directors, if any, have significant knowledge or experience in this area—only to drop the measure at the last minute.

Still, some directors may be newly motivated to bone up. And there’s a new book published by TAG, the research and advisory firm, that was designed with them in mind. It’s called “Guiding Cybersecurity from the Boardroom,” and it was written by a dozen experienced practitioners with deep experience in this area. Some serve on boards themselves. The book will be available for free download on October 25. 

Christopher Hetner calls it an excellent resource for boards, whether their companies are startups or behemoths. “It covers a lot of ground,” said Hetner, chair of cybersecurity and privacy for the NASDAQ Center for Board Excellence and special advisor for cyber risk for the NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors). “What makes it particularly valuable,” he added, “is that it’s filled with practical, useful advice. And not just for board members.” 

Hetner wrote the book’s first chapter (“Duolingo for Members of the Board: Learning to Speak Cyber with the SEC”), but his enthusiasm for the project was not financial. None of the contributors was paid for writing, or will make money from the publication of, the free book.

The 14 chapters are largely jargon-free and aim to offer board members—and others— “actionable advice” on cybersecurity strategies. Several chapters cover emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Others delve into crisis and strategic communications, the importance of management-board partnerships, and what boards need to know about cybersecurity to meet their fiduciary duties. 

The illustrated, 100-page volume was produced by TAG, a next-generation research and advisory company that utilizes an AI-powered SaaS platform to deliver on-demand insights and recommendations on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and climate science to commercial solution providers and Fortune 500 enterprises. 


Source: TAG