New App for April Fool's Day

Givea****ometer is not a joke, it will be live on the app store from the 31st to the 1st of April only. This is a pre-launch sample especially for April Fool's Day. The full app launch will be in May. Apple rejected various names over the past 6 months, this week Apple gave the green light to the Givea****ometer.

The come-back machine to end all arguments - the Givea***ometer is available for free for one day only. Don’t suffer fools on April the 1st. The Givea****ometer’s retro dial prints a riposte people can share anywhere. Users can add their own phrases to the comeback-machine and see if others rate them; with popular phrases earning free upgrades. User generated phrases are shared, helping others find a perfect response. 

Givea****ometer makes free users sweat.

People can use the app for free, but they have to manually windup the touch-screen recharger while being scorned by an animated task master. Turn the tables on the master, as well access all the full content, by upgrading to the full version.

Feel good about free expression.

50% of proceeds go to a cancer charity emphasising a cause that really does matter.  


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