New App Brings A Full Range Of Soccer Drills To The Palm Of Your Hand

The app features 80 Drills developed by certified soccer coaches that will help with Attacking, Dribbling, Defending, and Passing.

A new app, "Soccer Coaching Drills" just went live in the App Store. If you are looking for a comprehensive set of practice drills for your soccer team then this app is for you. It is beneficial for both new and seasoned soccer coaches who need to learn the core drills in order to increase the team's skills.

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Research has shown that information is retained much better when combined with a visual aid. Thus, this app includes in-depth coaching points as well as animated session plans letting soccer coaches see exactly how a session will look before they execute it on the field. These features allow coaches to optimize team practices, design productive and effective coaching plans and quickly understand new session ideas. Even the least experienced soccer coaches can enter the field with confidence and a sound plan.

With a wealth of combined soccer coaching and playing experience behind the design, this new app showcases a host of innovative player skill building ideas providing users with the tools they need to increase their coaching knowledge and improve the confidence and skills of their youth soccer team. This app contains a huge range of features and functions to help get the most from the soccer team while injecting fun into practice.

The Soccer Coaching Drills App shows step-by-step drill animations with detailed text instructions designed to improve overall soccer skills.

Here are some of the testimonials from the early users of the app. "This app gives me so many practice drills to use with my team. It's totally worth it!" - Ken and another one says "I just starting coaching my son's soccer team. This app is so handy to have as a resource." - Molly

The app is FREE to download and has in-app purchases if you would like to unlock all the app has to offer. Visit to download now.

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