New App Allows Anonymous Messaging Between Vehicles

Chimo, the world's first vehicle-to-vehicle communication platform, now available for iOS and Android

​Chimo Applications Inc. announced today the launch of Version 1.0 of their new vehicle-to-vehicle messaging platform, available on all compatible iOS and Android devices. For the first time, vehicle owners have the ability to message other vehicle owners anonymously through the registered Chimo user’s license plate.

In addition to the application’s core messaging technology, Chimo also features a social alerts add-on, which allows users to post location-based messages to other vehicle owners in the area.

“We are very happy to introduce this new medium of communication,” said founder and CEO Saul Segall. “We believe Chimo will allow users to avoid certain undesirable situations, like a parking ticket, heavy traffic areas, auto theft, and many more scenarios. We wanted to give people the opportunity to be social with the vehicles they spend so much time in and around.”

Chimo provides users with a simple and efficient user interface. Beta testing revealed an average of 5.8 seconds for users to complete a license plate search and send an initial message. All messaging is anonymous, and users may opt out of message threads at any time.

“The application system is meant to provide convenience, and become an extension of your vehicle ownership experience,” said Segall. “We wanted to make thing as simple and nonintrusive as possible.”

The Regina-based startup will be providing focused continental support throughout North America initially, with plans to scale Internationally also currently in progress.

Chimo is free to download, and features a minimal registration process using either the user’s Facebook account or mobile phone number.

The application is available worldwide, and can be downloaded directly from

For more information and media requests, please contact founder and CEO Saul Segall:
(306) 515-1003

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Chimo is the world's only mobile app that allows you to directly and anonymously message the owner of a vehicle!