New Android Applications For Enhanced Android Experience

The Android experience has just become better with the new Android applications developed by Niche Tech Solutions Company.

The Android experience has just become better with the new Android applications developed by Niche Tech Solutions Company. The new applications are built for the Android platform with the purpose of enhancing the functionality of Android smart phones and improving the end user experience. The three applications recently developed by Niche Tech include; MyPocketSearch, HCV-edge and Cinemark.

The developing company
As aforementioned the company behind the development of the Android applications; MyPocketSearch, HCV-edge and Cinemark is Niche Tech Solutions Company. This is an all rounded company offering web and software solutions to users from all corners of the globe. The company has the sole mission of availing new generation technology characterized by innovativeness and regular upgrades to all users across the globe with the required high level of expertise and high-end global practices. With over ten years of experience Niche Tech is offering sophisticated web solution and software services as is evidenced by the release of their latest bunch of Android applications.

Android applications
When it comes to Android applications Google does a great job in ensuring provision of high-end applications that extend the use of Android beyond the basic smart phone and smart devices functions. However, the default applications cannot confer all the functionalities that you need in an Android device, more so, when your needs are unique. The applications are only general in terms of functionality. This is why the Android application development industry is very important and Niche Tech has shown the wonders that the industry creates.

As aforemetioned, Niche Tech's latest Android application releases are three namely; MyPocketSearch, HCV-Edge and Cinemark. MyPocketSearch is an Android search application that simplifies web searches when shopping online. The application searches for things that you need in popular online stores and gives back a full description and attributes of items found.

HCV-Edge is an Android application developed with Android tools and remote access web service that is used in management of Hepatitis C. The application monitors treatments and maintains notifications and schedules regarding Hepatitis C. This helps people living with Hepatitis C cope better. The application is compatible with all Android devices in the market.

The third Niche Tech Android application Cinemark features the Android, Google maps and XML tools. It avails basic features regarding theater experience. It gives details on anything that is popularly searched in the film industry such as films, latest movie releases and upcoming movies and their trailers, the location of theaters as well as where to buy tickets for films.

The Christmas offer
The Christmas time is usually an ideal time to make any financial investments on something due to the many available holiday offers and Niche Tech has not been left behind in this. Niche Tech is offering a 10% discount for anyone who invests in any of their services this holiday season. There are also discount for other services such as SEO package and Websites. You can grab this offer in order to enjoy the latest Android applications in the market that will enhance your Android experience.

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