New America's Armed Forces Family App Helps Military Families and Friends Stay Connected

Kai Lamarr brought the best of his worlds together in this project. He knows the trials and tribulations associated with military life, the stressors associated with deployment, the harsh realities of post deployment and the lifetime bonds created with my military family. Nothing is more important than maintaining contact with the people that you selflessly served with!


​​​The App

In an effort to bring current and veteran military members together, AAFF (America’s Armed Forces Family) Technologies has created an application, aptly named “AAFF”, that aggregates U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard in a Twitter and Facebook like environment. Imagine being able to reach out to a veteran battle buddy that you’ve lost track of year’s prior. Or, finding a new service member in your area, or what about just immersing yourself in a real-time updating chat with military jargon that you’ve become accustomed too? You’ll have the capability to do all of this (and more!) with the application. It’s available for iOS platforms, with plans for Android platforms in the very near future.

How Does It Work?

Americas Armed Forces Family (AAFF) is a fantastic, one stop shop, place where all Veterans of every branch can get a chance to mingle. Not only does this give me, personally, a place to vent but I truly feel so much better after talking to people that know just what I'm going through. Absolutely love it.

Erica Cortez Morrissey

Veteran's Affairs

Like this: A service member signs up for the application. Once that happens, the data is uploaded into our database, and the member can begin to use the app. The application is split into 5 sub-environments:

  1. Information Environment – The member can navigate through a list of key website links, such as self help, banking, news, and shopping. The websites will be mostly shown in-app, so there is never a need to go outside the application to get to what you really want.
  2. Activity Feed Environment - The member can view or post chats. The chats are constantly being updated, and can be sorted by all chats, chats that are tagged with the member's military branch, or chats that are by the other service members the user is currently following.
  3. Explore Feed Environment - The member can view or post photos and videos. The media is constantly being updated.
  4. Messages Environment – The member can view or send messages to other service members that the user friends with.
  5. Settings Environment – The member can update their profile, change information, select military awards, and contact support – directly in the app

About AAFF Technologies

AAFF Technologies is a military based Technology Company, started by Meikell Lamarr, whom is, in fact, a U.S. Army Veteran. By visiting our website, military personnel can get information on current events and activities going on – such as a job fair, social gathering meets, or Veterans Day festivities. They can also read our engaging blog, watch our entertaining vlogs, or become a sponsor for the AAFF app. By entering the App Store link into their iPhone/iPad/iPhone web browser, personnel can find and befriend other military veterans, in a very easy to navigate platform made specifically for them!

"Connecting America's service members and veterans together, one day at a time!"



About the Creator

Mr. Lamarr served with 3-2 SBCT, after basic and advanced individual training, and then deployed to Baqubah, Iraq. After the military, he went on to serve with the U.S. Forest Service as a Type 2 Firefighter, helping exhaust dangerous fires such as the infamous Silver Fire. He then proceeded to hone his military technical skills further, becoming a Software Engineer and focusing his attention to the mobile development field. He can be contacted via, or on his Linked-In:

He also loves cats.

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