New America Alliance (NAA) Commends Members' Leadership During Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

NAA Calls on Investment and Business Communities to Help Support Relief Efforts on the Island

The New America Alliance (NAA), a national collective of influential Latino business leaders, focused on Capital Access and Leadership Acceleration, released a statement today to highlight the heroic efforts of NAA members who have been directly impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and who are actively engaged in leading relief efforts for the 3.4 million American citizens living through the devastation and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

New America Alliance board members Cyril Meduña, Managing Partner, Advent Morro Equity Partners and Rafael Ortiz, Managing Director, MoonSail Capital LLC are residents of Puerto Rico and actively involved in efforts to ensure the repair and revival of critical infrastructure, and efficient delivery of food supplies, water and medicine throughout the Island. Board member Juan Sabater, Partner, Valor Equity Partners and New America Alliance founder Henry Cisneros are actively engaging with Latino leaders across the country to ensure that aid dollars and resources are allocated to the Caribbean island, which so many American citizens call home.

“It is our intention to make visible the gravity of the situation in Puerto Rico and to highlight and support the efforts of our members,” said board members Pilar Avila, Carmen Ortiz-McGhee and Joseph Acevedo. “NAA issues a call to action to investment and business communities to make a contribution to help alleviate the devastation to our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico.”

NAA stands with its members Meduña and Ortiz as they lead efforts on the ground to drive progress for the people of Puerto Rico. Meduña is working collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of the thousands of employees in the Advent Morro portfolio companies. Ortiz, a seasoned investment manager, is presently serving as the interim director of the assets of Foundation for Puerto Rico. 

The Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR) is a private foundation that works with local nonprofit groups and government to improve the economy of the island of Puerto Rico. During the crisis on the island, FPR has allocated the entirety of its staff and facilities to establish a center that is coordinating outside assistance going into Puerto Rico and deploying aid to relief and rebuilding efforts. The Foundation has an operational center in Santurce, Puerto Rico with 50-plus operational workstations with electricity, telephone service, internet access and meeting space. The Foundation is working to expand capacity to 100 workstations and to make the infrastructure available for NGOs and key strategic businesses, to get operational and deliver relief to the residents of Puerto Rico. Donations can be made to: 100% of all funds received will go directly to help Puerto Rico recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

About the New America Alliance
Founded in 1999, the New America Alliance is dedicated to building on American Latino success to forge a stronger America. NAA members leverage their influence to promote Latino leadership in entrepreneurship, corporate America, and public service; increase Latino access to capital; and accelerate the rise of Latinas and the new generation of American Latino leaders.

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Cindy Stoller

Source: New America Alliance