New AI Tool Takes the Global Educator Community by Storm

ReadTheory unveils its new groundbreaking ed-tech AI tool, rewriting the rules of literacy and education (literally.)

Recent data from an EdWeek survey indicated that nearly 50% of educators expressed reservations, ranging from mild concerns to strong apprehensions, about the integration of AI tools in education. Contrary to these findings, ReadTheory's recent launch of its AI tool, Lexi, garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from educators.

Within minutes of launching, thousands of educators worldwide were actively exploring the new free tool, used to create tailored reading passages on any topic and any level. The ripple effect was palpable as the experience gained rapid traction and started trending in online teacher community groups.

Hamilton Quezada, a dedicated educator, praises, “The new ReadTheory passage builder is amazing. The fact that we can choose a topic is highly useful because it can match the content that we are covering in class on those days. I have been using ReadTheory with my students and it definitely has had a positive impact on their reading comprehension skills and vocabulary expansion.”

A survey within ReadTheory's user base revealed 82% of teachers intend to harness this tool for aligning content across subject areas. “We believe literacy shouldn’t be confined to the walls of an English Language Arts classroom, it’s a collective mission across subjects - Science, Social Studies, and even Math,” says Josh Capon, Co-Managing Partner at ReadTheory.

ReadTheory recognized the transformative potential of AI in education as early as 2018, utilizing it to drive a personalized learning algorithm for teachers. The platform, with its distinguished track record, has enhanced reading comprehension for 18 million students across 175 nations globally. Coming from humble beginnings, the company was originally created by a teacher who knew there was a better way to reach students at every level.

ReadTheory’s algorithm has an unmatched capability to adapt continually to each student’s unique level while delivering real-time feedback to the student - just as a tutor would. So each student gets content delivered at their unique level, providing just the right amount of challenge and support for each student. At the same time, educators get the data and insights they need to know what to teach next.

Emphasizing the broader mission, Ron Kirschenbaum, Co-Managing Partner at ReadTheory, states, ”We know the average student is 4 - 8 months behind in reading. To change this, we’re working side by side, shoulder to shoulder with schools to help close this gap. This is what drives us.” 

About ReadTheory:

ReadTheory’s reading comprehension platform is used by over 18 million students across the globe and is tailored for each. Schools and districts choose ReadTheory to improve literacy for K-12, ESL, and special education students. For more information on ReadTheory visit

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