New 3D Printer 'Arbot' Launched By Nuvogenie

After a successful launching of Nuvogenie Ngbot 3D Printer series Nuvogenie introduced their new low cost high precision 3Dprinter named 'Arbot'.

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Post successful launch of Nuvogenie 3D Printer (Ngbot Series), ‘Team Nuvogenie’ has came up with a new 3D Printer ‘Arbot’ launched on 1st Jan 2015.  Primary driver for this 3D printer was growing demand from users (industrial to enthusiast alike) to have a printer that offers same precision but at relatively lower cost. This was achieved by making some design changes (like Open structure and moving from linear guides to liner shafts).  One of the key thing that this 3D printer allows to print for ABS and PLA using heated bed (most of open structure printers allows only PLA to be printed).

This is 2nd model (total 3 variants) under rapidly growing Nuvogenie 3D Printers. Moreover all Nuvogenie 3D Printers are completely designed and built in-house, giving you a quality printer at a lower cost with assured quality of output and durability. 

The 3D printer ‘Arbot’ that is launched is based on FDM technology and uses high quality hardened stainless steel linear shafts to ensure smooth printing performance. The printer has a build volume of 200mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 165mm (H) and can easily print at layer resolution up to 100 microns. The body is made robust by using high quality 8mm cast acrylic and aluminium. The printer is based on open source design and therefore easily customizable to suit specific needs. 

Happy 3D printing!!!

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Nuvogenie is best 3D printer company in India which manufactures and sells 3D printers and 3D printer accessories such as filaments, heated bed, j head, aurdino, RAMPS and extruders worldwide.

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