Nevoa™ Inc. Launches Nimbus™ - New Whole-Room Disinfection System for Hospital Terminal Cleaning

Company focused on eradicating Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Nevoa Inc. at APIC 2018

Nevoa Inc. launched Nimbus, its new automated disinfection robot at APIC 2018. Nimbus atomizes Nevoa's Microburst Solution™, a pH neutral hypochlorous acid (HOCl), in hospital rooms to eradicate pathogens. All surfaces in the room are disinfected in a 30-minute cycle by delivering the Rapid Room™ promise: no wait time to re-enter the room after the cycle is complete. This is a significant advantage for healthcare organizations and patients compared to other fogging systems that predominately use Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor, making it possible to get back in the room faster.

“We are thrilled to finally have Nimbus in the healthcare market. Based on the interest and feedback we received at APIC 2018, we expect to have units deployed in multiple hospitals this year,” states Mike Hudson, CEO. Nevoa’s manufacturing partner Dürr Systems is ramping up production capabilities to be able to supply the demand as sales grow. 

Features of Nimbus include: German Engineered, Made in the USA, Patented Spinning Disk, 1-10 Micron Atomization, Fast Whole-room Distribution, Automated, No-touch Operation, Data Logging / Tracking, Interactive User Interface, Wireless Remote Control, Rapid Room™ Technology: Gets You Back in the Room Faster, Patent Pending.

We are thrilled to finally have Nimbus in the healthcare market. Based on the interest and feedback we received at APIC 2018, we expect to have units deployed in multiple hospitals this year.

Mike Hudson


Nimbus atomizes a pH neutral hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution, which is a unique and very effective pathogen-killing disinfectant. Traditionally, HOCl disinfecting agents have a very short shelf life. Nevoa utilizes a unique dispensing cap that pushes a pre-measured powdered active ingredient into the container of a pH-controlled aqueous solution to create the HOCl solution at the point of use. 

Features of Nevoa’s Microburst HOCl solution include: EPA-Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Unique Hypochlorous Acid Formulation, Kills Over 99.99 percent of Pathogens (as required by the EPA), Unique Patented Mixing Cap, No Shelf-life Limitations, pH Neutral Solution After Mixing, Disposable, Non-toxic By-product, Safe to Use Daily.

More than 700,000 patients are affected by HAIs each year in the U.S. alone.  Nearly 100,000 of these dies. That’s one in 25 patients who get seriously ill and of those, one in nine who die. This very solvable problem is the fourth-leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease. Mostly single-digit percentage decreases of HAIs have occurred in the last two to three years. Most hospitals are still reactive when it comes to HAIs; after someone is reported to have an HAI, extra precautions are taken to limit the likelihood of it spreading to other patients.  Most hospitals in the U.S. still exclusively use manual wipe downs to clean rooms. The CDC reports that only 50 percent of the hospital room surfaces that need wiped down (bed rails, sink/faucet, tray table, etc.) are wiped down.  Nimbus disinfects ALL surfaces in a hospital room – the corners, the bathroom, underneath equipment that would be hidden in shadows. Nevoa guarantees that Nimbus is 100 percent more effective than manual wipe down. 

Nevoa’s mission is to make changes in the industry where decades-old disinfection and cleaning protocols desperately need to be updated. To accomplish major decreases in the HAI problem, Nevoa believes hospitals need to adopt the “Every Room, Every Time™" philosophy. This means disinfecting every room, every time a patient is discharged and before a new patient is admitted. 

About Nevoa: Nevoa ( was founded to innovate new disinfection products that save lives and instill confidence for every person in environments where germs and pathogens are known to thrive. Through innovation, Nevoa saves lives by providing the most fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible disinfecting solutions to healthcare institutions, making them feel confident that they have the most pathogen-free facilities possible.

Source: Nevoa Inc.

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