Nevada State Treasurer's Office Unveils New Digital Platform Providing Families Access to Enhanced Planning Resources for Higher Education

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​​​The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office announces the launch of NVigate, a new program and online platform providing students and parents access to essential information, programs and services to make informed decisions about planning, saving and budgeting for higher education.

NVigate features various programs which assist families in determining how to best save for future education expenses and serves as a resource for students to achieve their higher education goals. The new digital platform is one of many ways the Nevada State Treasurer Office is working to modernize the resources available to Nevada families as they navigate the complexities of financially planning for higher education.

Studies have shown that nearly 65% of all jobs in the U.S. require higher education degrees. “While only one-third of Nevada adults have an associate’s degree, this data underscores how important planning for higher education is to support future generations and the future workforce to come,” stated Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine.

Treasurer Conine went on to state, “NVigate has the tools Nevadans need to develop a pathway to achieving their life and career goals. Our Office is focused on providing Nevada families with the resources needed to attend a higher institution. We are committed to ensuring the resources we provide to families remain flexible and are proud to provide this new platform to achieve that end.”

The programs offered through NVigate include:

  • Nevada College Kick Start – The Nevada College Kick Start program establishes a $50 college savings scholarship for all public-school kindergarten students in Nevada. Parents can claim their account at
  • Nevada Prepaid Tuition – The Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program offers Nevada families the opportunity to take control of the rising college tuition prices by locking in today’s rates at tomorrow’s prices. Nevada Prepaid Tuition offers flexible and affordable plan and payment options starting at as little as $39 per month.
  •  Nevada 529 Plans ­– Nevada’s five state-sponsored 529 Plans offer savings accounts for higher education expenses, which make it easy to save for a child’s future with favorable tax benefits. Accounts can be opened for as little as $15. 
  • The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship – The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship awards up to $10,000 to high achieving high school seniors to use towards tuition at in-state public colleges.​
  • Student Loan Ombudsman – The Student Loan Ombudsman is a new program focused on helping student loan borrowers understand their current student loan terms, educating borrowers about repayment options and student loan forgiveness, and providing information about the best way to pay for college before getting into debt.

To access more information on the programs and services provided through the online platform, parents and children can visit The website hosts informational videos, resources to help with FAFSA, a scholarship database, access to a full-time College Navigator and more.

About Nevada State Treasurer’s Office

The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for a number of critical State functions, including: State banking, and transaction management; investment and debt portfolio management; collecting and returning unclaimed property; and, administering a number of college savings and scholarship programs.

The State Treasurer is elected by the people to a four-year term. Zach Conine is the current State Treasurer. For questions or more information email or call 702-486-3889.


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Makenzie Coombs

Source: Nevada State Treasurer's Office

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