Neurobiologix is Proud to Announce the Release of Clinical CBD Oil Formulas

Neurobiologix, an Austin based nutritional supplement company that specializes in physician designed, GMP Certified supplements, is extremely excited to launch a new line of clinical CBD formulas. The hemp-derived, cannabidiol-rich creams, soft gels and great tasting drops have been launched on after more than a year in development.

Neurobiologix's new venture was triggered by the increased global focus on the health benefits of CBD products, according to CEO Kara Stewart. It was also launched in response to a growing demand in the CBD market for good manufacturing practice (GMP) - quality US produced products with certified organic cannabinoids and a variety of other functional ingredients recognized for overall wellness benefits. Lead formulator, Kendal Stewart, MD and the Neurobiologix team had planned on entering the market previously, but couldn't find a U.S based hemp farm that met the quality standards that the established supplement and wellness company had set for themselves. When Neurobiologix found a certified U.S hemp farmer with the ability to produce sustainable USDA organic natural remedies, Neurobiologix immediately set plans in place to bring organic CBD products of the highest quality to their customers and medical providers.

CBD has been praised for helping a wide variety of health benefits for all ages, with strong scientific evidence for its effectiveness in assisting those with mood, sleep and other issues.

Neurobiologix's new range of natural clinical CBD cream, soft gels and oil drops are specially formulated by Neurobiologix to deliver a consistent daily dose of pure, premium CBD isolate. These products can be purchased through Neurobiologix's CBD website

At launch, the Neurobiologix CBD product line includes:

  • Neurobiologix CBD Softgels in 10mg, 15mg, and 20mg dosing per softgel
  • Neurobiologix CBD Drops in 10mg, 13mg, 26mg, 39mg per serving (Peach, Mint, Cinnamon and Unflavored)
  • Neurobiologix Topical Cream in 10mg per pump (60 pumps per bottle)

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