Netsave Launches the New Mobile App for Users to Sell & Buy Hot Local Deals

The Free Peer-To-Peer Hyperlocal Marketplace connects neighbors with common values, united by a shared purpose to do business locally and support the growth of their local economies

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Now available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, Netsave has announced the launch of the new social commerce marketplace that, unlike most traditional e-commerce platforms, is designed to help local community members to safely sell, buy, and connect with others in their own backyards. 

The platform allows local buyers to purchase second-hand products including eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives from sellers in their neighborhood. Other product categories include fashion & apparel, home goods & decor, computers & consumer electronics, toys & hobbies, collectibles & art. Now, rather than purchasing these items from a national retail store or from someone in another part of the world, individuals can buy from local sellers to support the economic well-being of someone in their own neighborhood while reducing their environmental impact and building meaningful relationships that can grow beyond simple sales transactions.

In addition to buying and selling, neighbors will soon be able to interact with others in their community who share their values or interests in specific causes. The goal is to create thriving neighborhoods by both strengthening local businesses, as well as bringing community members together who share a common purpose.

Justin Georges, the platform founder, who is very passionate about empowering neighborhoods to thrive stated: "The global community has been facing lots of critical challenges such as social disconnection, cybersecurity threat, and climate change; just to name a few as some of the main reasons why we have launched the Netsave community, which is built on the concept of 'Think Globally, Act Locally.'" 

"At Netsave, we believe that supporting local businesses and facilitating interaction between community members is going to create more resilient neighborhoods. And when neighborhoods are strong, they're more likely to come up with creative solutions to these global challenges that we all face."

Netsave has initially started in Los Angeles, California with the mid-term plan to expand across the US and Canada. The platform is continuing development of key differentiating features such as livestream shopping and the interactive social community for users to benefit from the social hub full experience. 

Selling and buying locally have never felt so great. Using Netsave Local is almost as exciting as enjoying a new hobby. Visit to learn more and get on board. 

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About Netsave

Netsave is America's new neighborhood social marketplace that connects community members to sell and buy hot local deals, right in their backyards so that they can support their own neighborhood to thrive. Download the app now to get on board.


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