NetLine Launches Game-Changing B2B Buyer-Level Intent Discovery Technology

Proprietary Technology Intercepts Intent and Captures the True Intentions of Buyers Through First-Party Data

NetLine's B2B Buyer-Level Intent Discovery Tool

Today, NetLine Corporation unveiled its Intent Discovery solution; the company's latest product designed to provide deeper insight into in-market behavior at the buyer-level. By offering Marketers dramatic scale beyond the limitations of their own content, NetLine can deliver first-party sourced intent-rich data to propel accelerated sales outcomes.

NetLine, the company that strives to democratize B2B lead generation, sought to address the challenges Demand Gen Marketers have in consistently producing rich buyer-level insights to foster informed Sales dialogues. With Intent Discovery, Marketers are not only able to identify the "Person" in the buying committee but can also learn of the prospect's definitive status in their respective journey. This is in stark contrast to the account-level, and "Persona-only," solutions currently offered by third-party data vendors.

CEO and Chairman Robert Alvin shared his excitement over the announcement. "Historically, if Marketers wanted to glean true intent insights from their prospects, they had to rely on a mix of their own content initiatives and faceless display advertising campaigns focused on targeting anonymous third-party cookies," Alvin said. "With Intent Discovery, Marketers now have access to dramatic first-party scale beyond their own content, enabling them to accelerate the sales process."

NetLine's pre-launch pilot participants have reported a staggering 70%+ increase in their ability to accelerate account's conversion to net-new opportunities. These remarkable early returns are made possible by allowing B2B Marketers to tap into the web's largest consolidation of B2B content consumption behavior — for the first time in the company's history — as professionals actively research content specific to their technical and business challenges.

This activity is then mined on a real-time basis and intercepted once a buyer has met or exceeded each element required to define intent — capturing custom, intent-rich, customer-specific insights directly from the prospect. The end result being that Marketers are more efficiently capitalizing on in-market intent and directly connecting the dots to who is in-market.

Chief Strategy Officer David Fortino expressed his exuberance for how Intent Discovery Tool will change B2B sales acceleration. "With this product, we've effectively delivered the last mile of B2B Intent: Who is actually expressing intent. First-party sourced buyer-level intent is the Holy Grail of sales acceleration," Fortino said. "Marketers are finally able to capture in-market and intent-rich dialogue directly from their prospects on a fully-permissioned basis at scale. Far too many vendors are delivering account-level insights and guessing at the "who" behind the behavior. We're not in the business of guessing; it's time for marketing and sales to understand the who — the person instead of the persona and that's what we're delivering on."

The company is currently offering limited access to Intent Discovery for interested prospects and clients. To learn more about NetLine's Buyer-Level Intent Discovery capabilities, please contact one of our Product Representatives.

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