NeoMed Enteral Syringe - Now More Safe and Secure

Considered as one of the most essential tools in the medical field, the use of syringes seem to be on increase as each day passes.

​Syringes are important medical tools for those that require the use of insulin and other medications that can only be administered directly into the body through an intravenous tool. Despite their importance, they also carry many dangers for those that use them and others that are just around the syringe. The major concern is that those around the syringe are always at risk of being exposed to a used syringe. The invention of the safety needle with a syringe tip cap has lessened this concern greatly.

The safety syringe is more or less same with other syringe in terms of functionality. However, these types of syringes are specially designed with precautions that prevent people health care workers or sanitation workers, from being affected by a used syringe. T here is also huge risk of suffering a sharp injury or even the possibility of contracting illnesses such as HIV, AIDS or hepatitis. The preventive measures carried in safety syringes are supposed to diminish the risks of such diseases.

NeoMed offer enteral syringes that are individually packaged and available in purple and orange.  The latest installment comes with one-piece single molded barrel, with oral tip eliminating the possibility of injection into IV line or connecting to any Luer device. Unlike other syringes, the NeoMed sterile oral enteral syringe are made with natural rubber latex, BPA, and DEHP.  Each Syringe comes with a 1 tip cap, eliminating the need to search for and open separate package with the tip cap.

In addition to safety syringe, NeoMed also comes with a unique line of neonatal and pharmacy products which are significantly designed to enhance the safety and outcomes of the neonatal patient.  With products details given for each item they provide, they are committed to support the clinician with a wide variety of clinical material that can be used to enhance patient care.

About the Company :

NeoMed, Inc. was formed in 2007 out of the need to create quality neonatal focused devices dedicated to enhancing patient safety.

Source: Neo Med