Neo Azad Foundation Donates $1 Million to Michael Garron Hospital Foundation for New Patient Care Centre

Thomson Centre - Michael Garron Hospital

Neo Azad Foundation (the "Foundation") has announced a donation of $1 million to the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation to support the newly constructed Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre in East Toronto.

The contribution by Neo Azad Foundation aims to improve healthcare outcomes, particularly for patients facing chronic diseases. This donation signifies the Foundation's commitment to enhancing healthcare services and creating positive social change.

As part of its dedication to improving healthcare outcomes, Neo Azad Foundation has established the Neo Azad Foundation Kidney Centre. The Neo Azad Kidney Centre offers enhanced renal services and patient education, including support for at-home peritoneal dialysis, a treatment that has significantly improved the quality of life for patients.

Neo Azad Foundation raised the funds in collaboration with Daffodil Development Group - a prominent builder in the East Toronto community currently working on a pre-construction project Angular Condos located at 1001 Broadview Avenue. The partnership with Daffodil Developments exemplifies the shared vision of giving back to the community and creating positive social impact.

Neo Azad Foundation has consistently demonstrated its commitment to charitable causes and making a positive impact in various sectors. The Foundation has supported organizations such as Sick Kids Hospital, Full Table Project, Healthy Minds, and the Massey Women Shelter. Neo Azad Foundation has contributed to improving healthcare services for children, addressing food insecurity, and providing shelter and support for women in need.

The generous donation of $1 million to the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation will contribute to the realization of the new Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre, which will expand the hospital's capacity to deliver vital healthcare services to the community.

"Neo Azad Foundation is thrilled to support the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation in their mission to provide exceptional healthcare services to the residents of East Toronto," said Aaron Azad, Co-Founder of Neo Azad Foundation. "By investing in the construction of the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre, we aim to improve access to specialized care and enhance the quality of life for patients facing chronic diseases. We are grateful to collaborate with Angular Condos by Daffodil Developments Group and make a meaningful difference in the community."

Neo Azad Foundation and Daffodil Developments Group's joint efforts highlight their shared values of philanthropy and community development. In unity, they're committed to making a substantial contribution and nurturing long-term prosperity in the Toronto East community.

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Source: Neo Azad Foundation

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