Neill Lundgren's New Book 'From Elephants to Skyscrapers: Zoomorphic Architecture' is a Glorious Look at Architectural Inspiration Taken From Animals and Nature

Neill Lundgren, an interior designer, and art teacher has completed her most recent book “From Elephants to Skyscrapers: Zoomorphic Architecture”:  a fantastic and eye-catching dive into zoomorphic architecture and the study of animalistic shapes used in building design.

Published by Fulton Books, Neill Lundgren’s book delights in encouraging the reader to imagine a structure that looks like a huge elephant where one walks up to a spiral staircase hidden in a leg, into interior rooms, past sun-filled windows where the sunset can be viewed on the expansive horizon. What about a big pink pig that once served as a hamburger stand? How about visiting a hotel that is designed like a crocodile or a museum that resembles a turtle? These oddities of architecture are classified as zoomorphic architecture. Zoomorphic architects study the shapes of animals or their skeletal structures to find inspiration for buildings. Beyond these fun structures, architects have designed functioning skyscrapers inspired by sea sponges and elephants. Rail terminals inspired by pangolins, as well as other buildings inspired by animals and their skeletal structures.

From Elephants to Skyscrapers will inspire people to view architecture as more than square, rectangular structures. One will find fascinating information about buildings that are relatively unknown to the general public. This book was written for readers to expand their imaginations and interest in pursuing careers in the creative fields, along with informing people of unique structures.

Readers who wish to experience this creative and entertaining work can purchase “From Elephants to Skyscrapers: Zoomorphic Architecture” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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