Neighborhood Author Will Moonlight as Butler - Free Service for a Social Media Star With One Million Followers

Breach Of Consciousness Book cover

Pete Castillo is a New Horror Author who promises to serve a week-long free butler service for the social media celebrity who has a fan following of at least one million.

Anyone within the continental United States can accept this offer for the month of July. In this service, Pete would ask his employer to reach to his/her followers twice daily during the week via Tweets, Facebook posts/videos, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, etc. Pete’s new book – Breach of Consciousness officially launched on on June 27th. The employer’s social media activity would include a mention of the book along with the link

Although the book hasn’t harvested any reviews yet, Pete has a few Free PDF ebook copies of Breach of Consciousness for potential new fans. Through his site, eager readers can contact him with “I will review your book” as the email subject.

A successful employer/employee match would depend on residence, social media presence, and other details which could be found on Pete’s website  

About Pete Castillo

After a lifetime of blue collar employment, Pete switched gears and chose to launch his self-publishing career. He would now like to use the power of social media to promote his new work. He has begun self-promoting through YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Included in his YouTube playlist is a screenplay series that depicts two main characters from his book Breach of Consciousness.   

His YouTube channel can be reached at

Breach of Consciousness is available on and

Name of Media Contact: Peter Castillo

Contact Phone: (773) 467-6530

Type of Media Contact: Author

Contact Email:

Company Name:

Website URL:



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View Website belongs to new horror author Pete Castillo. You'll find information about his first novel Breach Of Consciousness. You'll also find links to his author page, and his YouTube channel.
3231 S. Halsted St.
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