NEF Expands IT Infrastructure Offerings

NEF, Inc. is announcing a major expansion of its service portfolio, now providing enterprise customers with planning, design and procurement for IT infrastructure and cloud services, adding to the enterprise bandwidth and data center service suite it has provided to customers for over a decade. 

Historically known for its enterprise bandwidth and data center services, NEF’s IT infrastructure services are a natural application of NEF’s expertise and partner ecosystem. The change in service portfolio is less a simple offering upgrade than an adaptation to changes taking place in the IT industry, especially the growing use of cloud-based services like infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). NEF is helping clients holistically plan their IT infrastructure roadmap, taking advantage of these new cloud service models and then working to design and implement new solutions. Recent projects have included such diverse technologies as SD-WAN, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and hybrid cloud.

The rapidly increasing adoption of cloud services provides a host of opportunities for both NEF and our clients, but it's a complex area to navigate with more moving parts than businesses expect.

Mike Murphy, CEO

Michael Murphy, President & CEO of NEF, Inc., explains the evolution of IT infrastructure services and how NEF has expanded into this area in a LinkedIn Pulse Post, which can be accessed here for more details.

According to Murphy, “Over years of consulting and building data center and connectivity solutions for clients, we have amassed a great deal of area expertise that we were eager to deploy in the service of broader customer needs. This is a very natural evolution for NEF. We have essentially been doing this informally for some time and are simply making IT infrastructure a part of our core advisement practice. The rapidly increasing adoption of cloud services provides a host of opportunities for both NEF and our clients, but it’s a complex area to navigate with more moving parts than businesses expect. For instance, a network is what enables a cloud service to work, so where/what cloud clients use, where everything lives and how everything is connected are critical factors to consider when designing an efficient and secure network. This kind of navigation is where we provide a lot of value.” Murphy goes on to illustrate how NEF can guide businesses: “We can help our clients properly leverage public cloud, private cloud, and onsite services, plus provide well-thought-out connectivity solutions to produce a more efficient, resilient and cost effective network.”

NEF has been providing consulting services to its existing customers for many years. The adjustment to add resources to, and formalize, its IT infrastructure and cloud services was made to better support its clients. “We’ve built extensive expertise in the cloud, data centers and network solutions over the years, which allows us to provide end-to-end solutions,” says Murphy. “Whenever there is a shift in how businesses leverage technology to perform better, we take the opportunity to help them get there. That’s what we’re doing around IT infrastructure and the move to the cloud.”

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NEF, Inc. offers advisement and procurement services in several key areas of IT infrastructure including cloud, multi-national connectivity, data center and colocation, and business IT optimization. The firm maintains relationships with hundreds of metro, regional and national fiber providers, competitive local exchange carriers, data centers and service providers giving them the flexibility to design unbiased technology solutions for customers across the U.S. and abroad.

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