Neeyamo Expands Its Solution Portfolio With Global Employer of Record (EOR) Services in 150+ Countries

Neeyamo's EOR solution is delivered leveraging a single global platform that is integration-ready for ensuring data accuracy across all countries of operation.

Neeyamo' EOR Services

Neeyamo Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled global payroll solutions to multinational and micro-multinational corporations worldwide, expands its capability to provide Global Employer of Record (EOR) services for over 150 countries across all major markets. 

Neeyamo's EOR solution offering will enable customers to leverage the local workforce without establishing a separate entity, opening a new office, or a bank account that is otherwise required to facilitate salary payments. Neeyamo will be responsible for the employee's onboarding, payroll, funds disbursement, and compliance with local tax laws and regulations. In contrast, its customers can focus on the employee's day-to-day tasks. Our global payroll technology stack, coupled with our global presence, experience in managing global payroll & local compliance regulations, knowledge of local benefits, and cultural nuances, allows organizations to optimize the management of their extended workforce. Neeyamo's EOR services are delivered leveraging a single global platform that is integration-ready for ensuring data accuracy across all countries of operation.

Commenting on the expansion in the solution portfolio, Vivek Khanna, President and Chief Client Partner, said, "The pandemic has fundamentally altered how organizations operate today. As businesses grow and expand, there is a greater demand for a more skilled and adaptable workforce. The increasing demand from our clients prompted us to focus on EOR as a service line progressively. The expansion was seamless thanks to our existing global presence and our expertise in global payroll that presently extends to cover over 180 countries. With clients onboard across all regions, we're excited to showcase our capability in the EOR space." 

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Neeyamo is a leading technology-enabled global payroll and EOR solutions provider for multinational and micro-multinational corporations worldwide. With an extensive team of professionals serving clients across 190+ countries, Neeyamo leverages its unique service-based model and functionality-rich, next-generation HR & payroll product portfolio to help organizations enable agile and scalable business. To know more, visit 

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